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No one disputes the fact that the main decoration of the wedding has always been and will continue to be an engagement ring. But not only has it required a careful approach when choosing and buying. On their wedding day the bride should shine that will also help her in this is better than jewels?

Perhaps the best decoration for this festive with a necklace is gold necklace, decorated with stones or pearls, will draw attention to the original neckline accentuate the youth of the skin and effectively set off the beauty of the bride.

To find a suitable piece of jewelry is a rather difficult task, especially when you consider that necklace relates to luxury, accordingly, its cost is very high and not available to everyone. We must not forget that the quality of gold jewelry cannot be exchanged or refunded, so if you lose one’s attraction necklace tomorrow, you will not be able to return it to the store as a dress or shoes.

How to avoid disappointment? Follow our advice, and your wedding necklace will be one of your most beloved treasures, one look at that lifts your spirits.

Necklace Latest  Trend

To make your wedding more memorable you can choose some different. Here we suggest you to choose monogram necklaces. Its real different there is lots of design and metal. And the price is so affordable so anyone can buy it.  My favorite is gold plated monogram necklace.

The harmony of the image

Without a doubt, the necklace should be beautiful and impressive, but not enough to switch all the attention from the bride to herself. So give up too fanciful and colorful decorations, nothing should stand out from the soft gentle image.

It is unlikely that the yellow gold will look appropriate in conjunction with the dress, embroidered with silver thread. The same applies to the rocks – even avowed wedding stone, pearl, can have several shades of white, pink, blue, gray and even black. Fortunately, a variety of wedding dresses cannot stop at the traditional white.

But the style of jewelry you will never go wrong with a romantic decor at the wedding will be most welcome. Precious flowers, swirls, gold openwork lace veil will wrap any girl innocence and purity.

Compliance will cover dress

Choosing a necklace, you need to know exactly what will be at neckline wedding dress. Most luxurious decorations organically appear only in the complete absence of sleeves and strapless. U-shaped cut-out means choosing necklaces, densely covering the neck or just repeating the shape of the cutout.

V-shaped cutout allows for several options necklace multi-layer, short or not long necklace from going down in the hollow chest suspension. Incidentally, the latter is perfect for dresses with cut in the shape of heart.

To dress with an asymmetrical top will not work, no neck decoration, so that in this case will have to do without earrings and bracelet. In addition, one should always take into account the particular shape, appearance and condition of the skin.

Following fashion

Practice shows that the bridal wear is updated on average every five years. You certainly have time to evaluate all the latest trends, even if the wedding is planned for next year.

To date, very popular gold necklace in the style of “vintage”, decorated with diamonds or other colorless stones. Consider yourself lucky if the family jewels in the collection were a necklace, but it is the exception rather than the rule. For most factionist only option will be buying jewelry “on a vintage”, which are reviewed and modern design solutions.

A classic choice

Speaking of classics, you cannot re not remember the pearls. Necklace with pearls choose in almost all wedding. And the reason is not only the symbolism of the stone, which means purity, humility and innocence, it’s all about appearance. Delicate and very feminine jewelry with iridescent mother-of-pearls approach any girl.