New Heads Up Display Technology Changing The Way We Drive

New Heads Up Display Technology Changing The Way We Drive

Car manufacturers are turning to new technologies to make their cars stand out. Audi is doing this by introducing a revolutionary heads up display (HUD) that is intended to improve safety, and for aesthetic appeal. The HUD is able to integrate with current technology like tablets and smartphones to improve its functionality.

HUD Functionality
Audi hasn’t told the public about all of the functions included in the HUD, but they have said enough that many people are looking forward to this new technology. The main HUD will be in front of the driver. The display is cast on the windshield, but the driver can easily see through it to drive safely.

The main function of the HUD is to show drivers where to turn if they want to reach a certain destination. This is much safer than looking at a GPS, since the driver does not have to look away from the road. It also includes many points of interest like restaurants and gas stations, and it will also help drivers avoid crashes by warning them if objects get too close. The HUD will highlight these objects, and it will color them to show you the danger. For example, an object might turn red if it’s very close.

The HUD also allows you to see how fast you are going, and it displays icons so that you know what features are on. For example, there is an icon for cruise control that will be displayed on the HUD.

Number of HUDs
Audi is planning to put three HUDs in each car, and this is important. The main HUD is for the driver, but the other two are for the passengers. A passenger can access the HUD and enter an address that will show up on the driver’s display. This makes it much easier for someone to find an address while the driver is driving. There are also gesture controls that passengers can use to easily transfer the address to the driver’s HUD.

Integration with Current Technology
The Audi HUD is capable of integrating with smartphones and tablets. You can activate the GPS feature on your device and it will sync with the car’s GPS, and there are many apps that allow you to control sections of the car. The amount of device integration is expected to increase as this HUD technology comes closer to production.


The main reason for this HUD is to improve safety. The HUD instantly makes drivers aware of their speed, and it shows them any objects that could pose a threat. The HUD also shows GPS instructions that drivers can easily follow. This is expected to decrease the number of accidents that occur from inaccurate GPS instructions.

Coolness Factor
Safety is great, but consumers love the HUD for another reason: it looks amazing. This is exactly what you would expect from a sci-fi movie. The graphics are nice and crisp, it makes driving fun and the novelty factor is huge. The Audi HUD does what few safety features can accomplish: it keeps you safe while increasing the coolness factor of the car.

While it might be a few more years before the HUD goes into full production, many consumers are excited about the possibilities. The HUD looks great, and it keeps drivers safe. If you are interested in this type of technology, then keep an eye out for the new Audis.

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