New Homeowners: 5 Signs You Need Well Maintenance

If you have recently moved into a home with a well, this might be a new experience. Unlike with using city water, a well can require a bit of regular maintenance. Additionally, there are things you will need to be on the watch for that could indicate you are having a problem with your well. The following are five signs that your well may need maintenance attention sooner than later.

Low Pressure

You have probably experienced a drop in water pressure from time to time, but then the water pressure returns to normal. If this is a common problem or water pressure remains low, then you will need to check the PSI gauge of your well. Your PSI gauge should be set to 20-PSI. If it does not remain at or around that value, then chances are your well needs servicing by a professional.

Higher Electric Costs

When sediment builds up inside your well, this can put considerable strain on your pump and cause your electric bill to increase. In most cases, having a professional come out and clean the sediment out is all it takes to get your well up and running properly again. Sometimes, if the parts of your pump are aged, you may need to replace the pump in part or in whole.

Sputtering Faucets

You go to turn the water on at your sink, and the faucet begins to sputter erratically. If this happens regularly, this may be the sign of a damaged seal or pump. To know for certain, you will likely need a service who provides maintenance for wells to come out and check it over and give you their diagnosis of the problem.

Blue Green Water

When water changes color from clear to something else, this will often indicate there is a problem going on with your well. In the case of water turning a blue-green color, this typically indicates that your copper piping is corroded. You will want to get that looked at immediately by a professional, because they will likely need to put in new copper piping or switch out the well system.

What Is in Your Water

When your water changes from clear to white or develops a yellowish hue, this indicates that there are organic and inorganic compounds present in your water. You will need to have these compounds professionally cleaned out to get your water color back to clear. Additionally, a reddish brown tint to the water indicates that it contains lots of iron and manganese. Having the well cleaned and bleached can help to take care of this problem. If your well contains contaminants, it might be necessary to work with a company that can dig you a new well, using some kind of rotary or air drilling process, to ensure safer drinking water for your residence.


There are many signs that your well could use some maintenance. Especially when your well starts to get older, maintenance concerns need to be addressed more rigorously. You want to ensure you and your family has the best drinking water possible while living in your new home. If you are ever in doubt, do not hesitate to call a professional who can help you assess the maintenance needs of your well and the cleanliness of the water it provides.

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