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When it comes to designing children’s bedrooms and bedroom furniture there are a number of important tasks that need to be accomplished. First the furniture needs to be appealing to the children and, to a lesser extent, Mom and Dad.  Next the fact that any furniture in a child’s room needs to be well-built and safe is certainly obvious. Finally any furniture made for children needs to be somewhat practical and functional, especially if there will be more than one child sharing a room.

Childrens beds from Room To Grow, in particular are a main focus of any youngster’s bedroom and aside from the fact that they need to be comfortable, fun and safe they should be useful as far as storage goes and efficient for the child that is also a student.

For example a Cabin Bed is an extremely handy bed to use in a child’s bedroom.  There are many different styles of cabin bed, from beds with an actual cabin underneath that a child can play in to beds with cabinets, shelving and storage space galore.  Usually the bed is on top in a cabin bed configuration and so steps to the bed and railings are used for safety.

Bunk beds have long been used to conserve space in a child’s bedroom that is being used by more than 1 child or when there are going to be lots of sleepovers and company at the home. Bunk beds too can and do come in many different configurations from simple steel framed bunk beds to elaborate beds with larger beds below.  Many have desks, shelving and other space for a student to make sure they keep up with their studies.

The best thing about both of these bed choices is the fact that there is a lot of room saved when using them.  A bunk bed takes up the space of only 1 bed but actually has 2 and the cabin bed has storage space for toys, books and other stuff that you find in a typical child’s bedroom.

If you’re looking for bedroom furniture for your kid make sure you keep cabin and bunk beds high on your priority list as they will make your child’s life more fun and yours much easier.