Nikon Coolpix L810 with Surprising Features

Nikon Coolpix L810 with Surprising Features

The design and body construction of L810 is pretty similar to that of P510; however, with L810 you now get an electronic viewfinder along with a tilting rear screen as well. Another little difference is in the rear control layout which no more has a rotating dial and a control dial.

Also, the hardware mode dial is also not there anymore in the L810. This clearly points towards one thing Nikon has focused on with this model; simplicity. There are three colors you can purchase Nikon Coolpix L810 in; black, red, and glossy blue.

Nikon Coolpix L810 with Surprising Features

The L810 is a pretty user friendly camera. The interface and menu design is the typical Nikon style but the style of selecting options is highly modified and made a lot simpler in default mode of the camera. Now long you have to look through so many shooting variables lists; this launch by Nikon only shows the most important settings to keep things simple.

No more there is any customizable user tab either in L810. People who have used the P510 will notice a clear difference in the size and handling of L810; it just feels less cramped. Maybe because the lens barrel is smaller, this might be the only reason. However, Nikon L810 is one of those cameras that require both the hands for using it in the right way; reason being, the glass is heavy throwing off balance that makes it a little awkward as well.

Comparing L810 with the P510, we see that there was a nice hardware mode dial but it is not replaced in L810 with a virtual mode selector. You can simply choose from 4 basic options; Program Auto, Digital Effects, Scene Mode, and Full Auto. Making a movie with L810 is a pretty good experience as well; you can do this at 30 frames per second making a movie of 480p or even 780p. Although many people expected L810 to have HD quality video making feature of 1080p but considering its price it is really worth for what all it carries.

L810 offers max resolution of 4608x3456pixels. RAW encoding is not there either plus JPEG compression settings are also missing. As I mentioned earlier; Nikon focused on simplicity when making L810. The image review features given in L810 include magnification, EXIF information, grid display, etc. 1.2 shots per seconds can be captured when using this camera at full resolution.

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