No Time Could Be Better To Learn Data Science

No Time Could Be Better To Learn Data Science

Since the 1960’s the world was introduced to the term ‘data science’. It has been defined by experts as an interdisciplinary field of scientific methods, statistics, and systems to extract knowledge from the data that is generated in the varied formats, whether structured or unstructured. Data science employs techniques from many related fields of mathematics, statistics, information sciences and the field of computer technology, including various sub-domains of machine learning, cluster analysis, data bases and visualisation. The six technical areas believed to be encompassing the field of data science, as prescribed by experts are: multidisciplinary investigations, models and methods for data, data computing, pedagogy, tool evaluation and theory.

Data science has totally taken the turf in the job market since the prestigious Harvard Business Review in 2012 as the “sexiest job of 21st century”. People have been clamouring to get jobs in the field of data science as data scientist, data analysts and data engineer. Thus, began the interest to sign up for data science courses. The IT capital of India is Bangalore and it has caught on with the trend of data science, and students and professionals have been joining data science courses in Bangalore. Jobs are aplenty in this field and trends show forecast of the dearth of almost a million professionals worldwide by 2022. It is still in a nascent stage but has tremendous future prospects.

No Time Could Be Better To Learn Data Science

Choosing a data science course should have your keen attention. Make sure you get the following through the data science training program

  • Know basic tools like SQL, R and Python.
  • Have knowledge of statistics.
  • Machine learning methods like k-nearest forest, random methods etc.
  • Understanding of fundamental mathematics like multivariable calculus and linear algebra.
  • Data managing as most of the raw data is difficult to analyse as it comes in disarray.
  • Data visualisation and communication.

A number of data science courses in Bangalore are competent with expert faculty members who can boast significant industry experience. These institutes also provide industry exposure. Courses can have duration of few weeks to 6 months depending on the topic.

The career options that you will most likely have after completing a data science course are:

  • Data management professionals.
  • Data engineer.
  • Business analyst.
  • Machine learning researcher
  • Data oriented professional.

Today, data science and analytics jobs are scattered around a wide range of different industries such as Biotech, Energy, Finance, Hospitality, Goverment, Manufacturing and Retail, telecom, Pharmaceutical and Travel.

This line of work is still in the maturing stage already stands apart as the most rewarding. With right skills you can really fly high. Big data is here to stay and competition will only grow manifold, thus, the need for data science professionals who can analyse and obtain important information from unstructured data. So, catch up with the trend and enrol in a data science course.

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