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Do you love Nokia Smartphones and their unique cameras? Nokia has been known for so long to be among the leading in terms of their camera phones. The company has been coming up with wonderful phones with powerful camera and this time around, they have done it again.

The Nokia Company is aiming at extending their camera phone advantage by releasing a 16-element lens camera by the Pelican Imaging. They are planning to bring this latest module of the powerful imaging in their latest Smartphone by 2014 and they are currently working hand in hand with the Pelican imaging to establish this 16-element camera lens.

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The features of the 16-element Pelican camera for the Nokia Smartphone

• This particular pelican Camera of the Smartphone will feature the 16 lenses and will be able to enable the new Smartphone to snap the images when the shutter is pressed.
• The 16 lens camera is also able to capture to capture depth information at every pixel which is perfect for capturing the image to a unique way as you need it done
• When using this 16 lens camera of the Smartphone, there is a technology that the camera has to allow you as the photographer to be able to alter the focus point of the image being captured even after you have already captured the image.
• This unique Pelican Camera also allows you to be able to change the image backgrounds as well as to scale part of the image to get exactly what you want and how you want your image to appear. This is improving the photography to another level and making the work of the photographer very easy.
• The 16 lens camera is also able to allow you to combine all the elements from multiple images in different sections into a new picture to make the best picture that you want to have.

When will this Nokia Smartphone get released and what about the price?

The Nokia Smartphone with 16-element camera lens might get released in 2041 as the 16-element camera lens for the Smartphone is currently under manufacturing by the Pelican Camera.

Actually, the imaging establishment is claiming that the Company is in talks with the manufacturer to bring this feature in the next Smartphone for the 2014.

The pricing for the Nokia Smartphones that will be having that 16-element camera lens features has not yet been specified by Nokia or any other sources.

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