Non-Pull Harnesses: An Owner’s Guide

Non-Pull Harnesses: An Owner’s Guide

Many dog-owners return home from their walks feeling angry with their dog for pulling them too much. An excellent solution to this problem is to use non pull harnesses to prevent the dog from having so much power. You will have more control over the dog during a walk, and will probably form a stronger bond.

How do they work?
The lead is attached at the dog’s chest area, meaning that you have much more control regardless of the strength of the dog. If the lead was attached to the dog’s back, he would be able to use the full force of his body to pull you, but with the harness you are able to steer him where you want to go, making walks an enjoyable experience for you both.

There is no danger to your dog’s throat and neck area, which can be a problem with a normal collar or choke chain. Using non pull harnesses to guide your dog is a much kinder way to exert your control over where you go on your walks, and prevents your dog from stopping to sniff too much.

Some harnesses of this type also have a clip that attaches to the dog’s normal collar. This provides extra security and safety if the dog tries to squirm out of the harness. Extra padding ensures your dog’s comfort, and the design of these harnesses means that there is no rubbing on the dog’s delicate skin.

Increased comfort
Non pull harnesses are an excellent alternative to a nose harness which many dogs hate, and constantly try to remove when out on walks. Dogs dislike having their noses covered, as feel like they cannot protect themselves or their owners if necessary. A non pull harness however, is comfortable to wear and will make walks more enjoyable if the dog has a tendency to pull all the time when out on walks.

Owners will probably find that they want to walk further with their dog if they are more in control, which can only be beneficial to both parties. Dogs are extremely sensitive to the mood of their owners, and if their owner is happy they will respond in a positive way. Most dogs like to please their owners, and the most effective way to form a strong bond is to go out together on a long walk.

Buying this type of harness for your dog will help you train them to walk properly, and will benefit you by giving you more control over your dog.

This article was written by David Hamer, who is an online author.

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