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Office Furniture Design Trends For 2012

The design of and materials used in the construction of office furniture are very much a reflection of all that is fashionable in society in general.  Some things rarely go out of fashion from one decade to the next such as monochrome colour schemes and seating arrangements, it is more the materials used in their construction that can give a business a contemporary, cutting edge feel.

Leather Furniture
Leather furniture makes a statement.  Leather give the impression of excess and wealth and can either be a reflection of how well a company is actually performing, or used to give a false impression of just how successful a business is.  Leather seating offers comfort and luxury and adds an air of opulence to a seating area.  Leather furniture is great for use in reception and waiting areas.

Natural Wood
If you are a company that is promoting an eco-friendly ethos then natural wood fixtures and fitting could be the way to go.  Wooden tables, frames and book cases can mirror the company personality, promoting the use of natural materials.  Contemporary modern wooden furniture is often ergonomically designed to offer excellent comfort and eye pleasing style.

Built in Technology
A growing number of designers are beginning to incorporate different technologies in their furniture design, things like smart phone docking points and holders for tablet PC’s as well as audio speakers and charging systems for a number of different electronic devices.  This style of furniture is well suited to collaborative working areas in open plan office environments.

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Texture over Pattern
Office furniture is set to see an increase in the different textures used, with contracting textures replacing patterned materials and surfaces.  Though the textures may change, the colour schemes will remain mostly the same with black, white, grey and red being the predominant colours used; the bold colours playing off against the dark and neutral tones.

Mirrored Finish
Chrome has always been quite popular in the world of office furniture and it looks as though it is going to be joined by stainless steel and aluminium, with plenty of mirrored finishes which not only reflect the light, but also add to the feeling of spaciousness within an area.  Plastics will also play a part in the mirrored look with them being more translucent in appearance than ever before but this time bright and bold colours contrast against the neutrality of the other furniture.

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