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If you’re restoring your old house, you might want to work on certain projects during the warmer months. By completing these projects before winter, your home restoration might be easier to manage.

Painting Projects

Summer and spring are both great times to finish painting projects on the outside of your house. Sometimes all you need to take an old house from old to vintage chic is a coat of paint. Find a color that fits in with the style of the house and make sure you have enough paint to paint the entire exterior. Painting just a portion can make the job look sloppy and half-done.

Upgrade Your Gutters

The guttering on your home is so important because of the function it serves. You should upgrade gutters during the summer, though, if your gutters don’t work the way they’re supposed to. It’s important to upgrade during the summer because doing it during the winter could put you at risk for slips and falls due to snow, ice and other slippery conditions.

Windows and Doors

Since you’ll have a period of time where you don’t have a door or window while replacing them, you can do it in the warmer months to prevent issues with losing heat. You might not want to do this on the hottest day of the year, though. Spring and early fall are the best times to replace windows and doors because it’s not too hot and the bugs are still at a minimum.

Wash the House

As long as you haven’t recently painted your house, washing it is a great way to make the best upgrades possible. Washing the house is easy to do and makes it look brand new no matter what you have done to it in the past. Try to find a power washer that has different settings on it so you can make sure there aren’t any issues with the house.

Upgrade Your Yard

Making minor upgrades to your yard not only makes your house feel nicer but it can also make the curb appeal so much better. Make sure you keep your lawn mowed and, if you have flower beds, keep them weeded. It’s a good idea to take the spring and summer months to do upgrades to the yard since the ground is warmer.

These projects may require you to have completely warm weather. There might also be other requirements like humidity below a certain level.