Online Backups – A Small Business Essential

Online Backups – A Small Business Essential

IT experts suggest that small businesses should consider online backup to be a staple ingredient for accomplishing their own, unique business goals. No matter what the size of business, any kind of data that might be important needs to be stored securely via internet backup services.

The recent NAPS (North American Precis Syndicate) report, whilst highlighting useful guidelines for safer and more secure small business operations, recommends using online backups in order to avoid IT disruptions such as data loss or corruption. So small businesses should budget for this secure and reliable method of storage and backup as a priority.

NAPS (North-American ‘Precis Syndicate’) also highlights one more thing in its report, and that is no matter how much a company understands the benefits of online backups, most companies only become aware of its necessity after a major data recovery failure cripples the operation. Many small businesses survive on a limited budget, and often consider that using an online backup service would be too expensive. This is not necessarily so, since the cost of backing up data online has reduced significantly in recent times, and many service providers such as Asigra now offer affordable, customized packages for their clients. They also often have a 30-day free trial offer for many of their services, enabling companies to try before they buy.

Affordable pricing of offsite backup – is it a reality?

Contrary to what many small business owners think, signing up for an online backup package might be more cost-effective than traditional methods of backup because:

  • Something that is typical to most small businesses is that they need everything on a smaller scale. This means that unlike larger companies, which might need ‘unlimited’ business backup solutions, small businesses can use more customized solutions that are bespoke and cost less.
  • Once a small business opts for online data backup, all expenses previously budgeted for back-up consumables can be used towards the new package.
  • Cloud backup service providers, such as Asigra have scalable packages so that whether a business has 1 computer or 10, there are always options available.
  • Last but not least, switching to online backups cuts down on energy consumption. It is an environmentally-friendly way to operate, and helps to reduce the carbon footprint left by the company’s operations.

So it is clear that if a small business is going to survive, using a ‘cloud’ service provider can help by alleviating any worries regarding data security.

This article was written by David Hamer, an online author who writes on the subject of secure data backup.

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