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Our 3 SEO Tactics Alleviation Up in 2013

When a friend of mine who runs a PPC firm, but uses SEO contents to drive traffic and bring his customers to his site took me on a lecture on the basic SEO tactics that will be given up probably by any expert in 2013, I was so amazed by how much he knows about this, even though he is on the other side. This is one thing that will be very good for every internet marketer or website owner who makes use of SEO to know. Now, there are lots of things that would have been applauded in the SEO world that has been relegated to the background. It is either they now attract penalties from Google when you use them, or they will no longer give you the required results. We are going to look at the basic 3. They are Guest posts, the use of anchor texts and then press releases.

Guest posting

Now, the truth is that you can never be in control of the things that happens on another person’s site. You can only control and have the full benefit of what happens on your own site. When you place guest posts, it is good that you are linked to these posts. But it has a lot of disadvantages that has been discovered and proven by many users. The first one is the problem of these posts not being scalable. It is seen as being capable of diluting your brand value.

This is because of the simple fact that when you develop great and valuable contents, and only post it on other peoples website, the value simply goes to the sites you posted them and not on yours. You cannot easily follow a discussion on other people’s site as you will follow one that happens in your own. Plus, when the site has any problem and dies, your articles disappears. Whenever there is a problem with the site, you are affected, because it is linked to your own site. All these make it an alternative that should be avoided in 2013.

• Press releases

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Of course press releases, has not been the best of SEO tactics. But it should also be given up. Matt Cutts has said that press releases will not give you any valuable links that will help your rankings. Many people have been thinking it gives a lot of back links. But in actual sense, press releases that were not picked by any news sources are no follow links. Avoid much use of press releases in 2013.

• Over-Optimized Anchor Text

Any person who has been in the SEO market will agree with me that nothing works there more than anchor texts. This is true, but it was then and not now again. It was used to signal, the direction of the content of a link. Many used this to tell Google where a link points to, and it really worked. But many people have abused this through excessive use, and now Google sees it as over optimization. If you make use of a lot of links with the same anchor text, you might get into trouble with Google. Avoid it in 2013.

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