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Sometimes you just need a place to relax and unwind, a place where you’re not faced with bills, piles of dishes, or projects waiting to be finished.  No matter how big or small your house is, it might be hard to find a place where you can escape and enjoy some “me time”.  You might already have the perfect space for relaxing, even if you don’t realize it.  Your back yard, deck, or enclosed patio can be your own personal haven, and with a lot less effort and investment than you might think.  With just a few pieces and a little planning, you can create an outdoor oasis that you’ll love retreating to.

Location, Location, Location
First, you’ll need to decide on a location.  It could be a far corner of the yard, on the deck or patio.  It could be enclosed, partially protected from the elements, or completely open-air.  If you love the spot just the way it is, great – you are one step closer to your finished space.  If it’s not quite perfect, consider what you want to change.  A pergola can add coziness without making your space feel enclosed.  Screening in a porch or patio can create a room that you can use almost year-round, regardless of the climate in your area.

Please Be Seated
Once you have your space established, make it comfortable with the seating that you prefer.  Outdoor furniture has come a long way since those metal frame lawn chairs were the industry standard.  Today’s pieces are stylish, provide a variety of seating options, and are comfortable.  Choose a chaise lounge, a small table and chairs, a bench that provides storage, or even a rocker or recliner; whatever you like, you can find.  Consider what you’ll want to do in your space, and let that guide your furniture decision.

Be Surrounded by What You Love
Your outdoor oasis is your space; fill it with things that make you happy and relieve your stress.  Start a small vegetable, herb, or flower garden; store some tools nearby and let yourself play in the dirt.  Install a radio, MP3 player, or speaker system so you can relax with your favorite band or singer.  If you’re a sports fan, a reality show junkie, or a fanatic for old movies, consider investing in a small TV for your oasis; you’ll love never having to share the remote!  Keep a stash of books, puzzles (crossword, jigsaw, or whatever else you like), or crafting essentials in a storage container so they’re always at hand.  If your space is exposed to the elements, you can always keep a basket of your hobby essentials inside so you can grab it easily to take out with you.

No matter what hobbies or pastimes you enjoy, setting up a space where you can relax and enjoy them will be well worth the trouble.  Escape the stress and hectic pace of daily life in your peaceful outdoor oasis.

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