Packing For College – What To Forget And What Not To

Packing For College – What To Forget And What Not To

Moving away to college is a rite of passage towards adulthood. College students, who live on campus rather than at home with their parents, are presented with challenges that force them to become self-reliant. Campus life also leads to making new friends so to develop a much needed support system. However, before you can begin to adjust to campus life, you need to gather the essentials, like messenger bags, school supplies, and comfy sweatpants. Yet you do not want to fill your limited space with junk, so it is essential to make a moving list to keep you organized. While you will want certain items to make dorm life more comfortable, other items simply take up space and can even be considered contraband.

Sleep Aids are Essential
Most dorm buildings are constructed using concrete blocks that reverberate sound rather than muffle it. Earplugs and sleep masks give you peace and quiet even during the rowdiest nights in a dorm room. However, if you forget your mattress pad you will never get a good night’s sleep. So pack up an extra thick mattress pad to give your flimsy mattress some much needed cushioning.

Water Related Necessities
Pack water shoes that have a slip-proof sole so you can shower without catching athlete’s foot or breaking your leg. When it is time to wash your clothes, you will need a stash of quarters. One way to save your quarters is to invest in a water filtration pitcher. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of money on bottled water or left to drink water from the tap.

Clothing Needs
In addition to typical college clothing, pack formal clothing for interviews, speeches and special occasions. Hang your clothing, or at least your formal clothing, on hangers in your closet to keep things looking sharp and fresh. To help you get from Point A to Point B without leaving behind school supplies, invest in messenger bags for a more modern style book bag.

What to Leave Behind
Hot plates, toaster ovens and extension cords are almost always prohibited in dorms because of the fire hazard. Candles and incense fit the fire hazard description, while strong smelling perfumes and colognes are a no-no if you want to keep your dorm mates happy. You should not bring a desk chair as you most likely will already have one in your room. Also, leave the designer room décor behind as typical dorm rooms have a crafty, cheap flair. Plus, you don’t want to worry about someone stealing your high dollar items. Finally, do not attempt to smuggle in alcohol if you are underage, as there will be room inspections typically within the first week of moving in.

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