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Are you struggling for ideas of what to get your man for a gift or to put in a gift basket for him?  It’s a common problem, many women wrestle with what to get their men, and most men would agree they can be hard to buy for because they really have no idea what they want or need.  Whether it’s a birthday, a Valentine’s Day surprise, or Christmas, for your next gift-giving occasion, perhaps you can do yourself a favor in two ways, by giving your man a perfect shave!

Shaving for Men

There are some men who enjoy shaving, taking pleasure in the focus required and the final result of a smooth, finished product.  Those men are not in the majority, as this daily task is often a chore to get through as quickly as possible and with minimal fuss.

Part of the problem is most men never learned really how to shave! While growing up they learn from their fathers to slather some shaving cream on their face while standing in front of the mirror in the morning, get through it as quickly as possible in your rush to get ready for work, while rinsing afterwards with soap and cold water.

Unfortunately, this method leaves the skin irritated and dry, and can lead to unsightly razor bumps and ingrown hairs.   Professionals know this is exactly the wrong way to shave!  Starting with the right products and steps is key to a satisfying shave and makes a great gift idea!

Start with a Pre-Shave Oil

A pre-shave oil is designed to give your man’s skin a layer of moisturizing protection prior to applying the shaving cream.  Its use is simple. After rinsing the face, he can massage a bit of pre-shave oil into the stubble.  In addition to moisturizing, it helps prevent those razor bumps!

Pamper Your Man With A Perfect Shave
AOS oil

Use a Shaving Brush

Shaving brushes have fallen out of common use, as you could see on almost any commercial for shaving cream where the actor is simply mashing the cream onto his beard.

A shaving brush adds so much more than application of the shaving cream!  It helps exfoliate the skin, separate the cream, adding water and building up a much richer lather than can be created by hand.  Also, the brush helps lift and separate the hairs, allowing the shaving cream to get over, under, and around the beard, resulting in a shave that will surprise your man!

Pamper Your Man With A Perfect Shave
AOS brush

Shaving Cream

The heart of shaving, a quality shaving cream will be noticeably better for your man from the first use!  It lifts, it separates, it lubricates and helps minimize razor burn, and the many times the irritation most men feel from their sensitive skin can be traced back to using a cheap shaving cream.  Investing in the best here can make a dramatic difference in the quality of his shave!

Pamper Your Man With A Perfect Shave
AOS cream

Finish it off with an Aftershave Balm

Is your man simply splashing water on his face after shaving? Or worse, cleaning with soap? This can leave the skin dry and irritated.  Experts, like those over at WebMD, recommend using an after-shave balm.  Many of the common after-shaves are alcohol based and will dry and tighten the skin further, while a quality balm will moisture and pamper him and his skin!

Men often don’t focus on their shave and try to get through it with as little time invested as possible, and with as little irritation as they can.  However, a quality collection of products like from the Art of Shaving kits will give your man a shave he will love.  He will notice the difference from the first shave, and so will you!