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32 inches can be regarded as the nominal display size which suits most homes around the world. With the advent of flat screen televisions, there have been various sizes to meet customer needs. But out of most, 32 inches has emerged as the most preferred. Thus, to cater to this demand Panasonic has come up with an ultimate product which redefines the experience that people have had till date. Extending the Panasonic VIERA 32 inch TV to the market, the company aims at continuing the momentum of taking quality and services to the next level and earn well deserved recognition for that.

Talking of a TV, there is more than just a screen. There is a hell lot of features put in by different companies in their products to set it apart from the rest. Here is a look at some of the most incredible technicalities introduced in the VIERA 32 inches from Panasonic.

  • Display

An aspect ratio of 16:9 and a viewing angle of 178 degrees are worth appreciation. The TV does not have 3D provision but keeping in mind the 32 inches display, this seems justified. 3D televisions are usually large and have wider screen size for better viewing angle and experience. The 720 pixels and the native resolution of 1920 X 1080 perform exceedingly well and contribute in the stunning picture quality.

Panasonic VIERA 32” – A Fascinating Product On Offer

  • Connectivity

The 32inch VIERA comes with three HDMI ports, and one each of Component inputs, SCART and Composite inputs. There is optical S/PDIF out and 1x stereo phono ports for audio outputs. Besides this it also has headphone output, Cl slot, RJ45 LAN (DLNA), 2x USB, stereo phono in slots as well. These are enough to use the appliance more than just TV.

  • Power Consumption

TV addicts are often worried about the electricity bill each month that would come up in whooping numbers, but with an average power consumption of just 44 Watts, this worry can be forgotten. The TV consumes a standby power of just 0.2 Watts which is next to nothing. Apart from this the Rated power consumption is 80 Watts. Hence the power supply of AC 220 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz is enough reliable and needs no worries even if the TV is watched 24 hours a day!

  • Other Additional Features

All features are well saluted for VIERA, but there is hard to find an end to them. Apart from all the ones listed above, the TV comes with a VIERA Remote2 (Smartphone App), Swipe and Share 2.0, Browse and Share, App launcher, Remote play, VIERA Connect, Built-in web browser, Skype on TV, Media player, Resume Play, Wireless LAN, Eco Navigation, Ambient Sensor and much more. These are mere words until they are tried and experienced by one own self.

With that being said the Panasonic VIERA 32 inch TV is a sure shot success in the market and stands no chance of doing any less than extraordinary. It has heavenly features and is loaded with amazing technology that can easily sail it past the other market competitors.