Passing Down the Family Car from Parent to Child Done Right

Passing Down the Family Car from Parent to Child Done Right

If you have a kid who will be starting college in 4 or 5 years, or who will be entering their senior year of high school, you will definitely want to take this into account when deciding on your upcoming vehicle purchase. By the time you are ready to upgrade to a newer model car for yourself in 4 years, having a good, reliable and stylish car that is built to last can be proudly handed over to your son or daughter when they are at that driving age and ready to start a new chapter in their lives. By investing in a car that will still be stylish and in good running order, you will be saving yourself a lot of money by awarding your well cared for Nissan Altima to your offspring, versus buying them a new car.

Why the Nissan Altima
Ask any teen and they will tell you that style is everything. The newly re-designed Nissan Altima certainly carries through in being a head-turner, while the safety features and drivability will make any parent smile with ease. In Edmund’s review the Altima sedan is heralded as having all the makings of a benchmark car that offer the best in driving dynamics with a high-end cabin. The author goes on to say that Edmund’s is beyond impressed with the Altima. In their reviews of past Altima models, Edmund’s criticized the Altima for having a bland design. However, the car guide is singing a completely different tune and praises the new design as being innovative and sleek. By visiting your local Nissan Ct dealership you can behold this impressive transformation firsthand, and take it for a test drive. Keep in mind it will be your car now, but will be your teen’s car when that special time comes. Based on all the reviews, this car is sure to be a winner in your purchasing decision.

Meeting your teen’s needs
When deciding on a good, reliable car that you can pass down to your college-bound son or daughter, you will want to consider some facts:
·      Your teen will lack the lengthy driving record you have
·      The car will be carrying your kid’s friends
·      It is bound to get dinged and will need repair
·      It will most likely be used for Spring Break or other such road trips
·      It will be their “first car” and thus the one they improve their driving skills in
When compiling all of these facts into one single box of needs, it becomes apparent that choosing a car that will be inexpensive to insure, maintain and repair is of prime importance. Also, finding a car that offers comfort and ample seating is important to ensure that passengers will be cozy. When you test drive the Altima, ask yourself if these issues play out a simple resolution.

Talk to an expert
Be sure you let your Nissan expert know your intentions of purchasing a car that can be handed down to your teen in due time. Although the Altima is a stellar choice, Nissan produces other models with more options that you may find equally attractive. And why not dip your toes in the water and bring your teen along for a test drive; they don’t have to know right away that the car will be theirs some day.

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