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Patios offer an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors and gain some much needed space for entertaining or enjoying family time. Even the least handy of DIY designers can manage a simple project sure to entice family and friends into the great outdoors for a meal or drinks. The hardest part of any DIY patio project is making up your mind. A good way to get some ideas is to check out Backyard Patio Pictures. It is easier to evaluate Ideas For Patios visually, than it is to try and imagine them piece by piece in your own imagination.

Patio Design Ideas Perfect For Any Budget, Taste or Lifestyle

Focal Points for Patio Designs

Once you decide the ways you want to use your new patio, it is much easier to start the design process. One option is to plan the entire patio around one main feature. Fireplaces are very popular and often used as the focal point of a patio. For smaller outdoor patios, a fire pit might be a better option.

An outdoor bar or kitchen is also an excellent choice for designers. Ideas for patios are endless when it comes to kitchen options. Outdoor kitchens can be as elaborate or simple as your budget and space allows. Whether your idea of an outdoor kitchen includes expensive pizza ovens and top-of-the-line appliances or is as simple as a grill and outdoor cooler, there are ways to make the space work for every budget.

Outdoor bars offer an excellent alternative to a complete outdoor kitchen. By attracting people outside of the house with a comfortable gathering spot, guests and family members benefit from some fresh air and another interesting space to explore. Outside bars typically range in size from a small 3-foot bar to a larger 15-foot surface. The size and shape will be dictated by the space available.

For designers who fancy the sound of water as the ultimate soothing experience, a water fountain provides an excellent focal point for any patio. Kits can be purchased and assembled as a DIY project. There are many water feature ideas for patios. For those who need help visualizing the possibilities, backyard patio pictures can be consulted to get a good idea about how the finished product will look.

Patio Functions and Flow

Many patios will be divided into sections. It is quite common to have a dining area with a table and chairs. This section of the patio might be separate from a lounge area with outdoor furniture designed for enjoying a lazy summer afternoon nap or conversation. Strategically placed plants and shrubs offer an excellent way to divide different sections of the patio, providing privacy and subtle direction to family and friends.

Color is also used as a way to designate certain parts of a patio as belonging together. For example, a contemporary dining table and chairs might accent reds and blacks. On the other side of this dining area and separated by two large plants, a lounge area decorated in soft pastel fabrics and traditional furniture invites guests to sit down and talk after a fabulous dinner.


There is no limit to the possibilities. Patio designs are often as elaborate and varied as interior design. A little imagination and some time investment can transform a patio into an oasis of relaxation.

Author Bio: When looking for Ideas For Patios it is recommended that Backyard Patio Pictures be used as a source of possibilities.