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A smile can brighten up anyone’s day, especially when the smile is full of pearly white teeth. There are many ways to give yourself the smile you’ve always wanted. The easiest way would be to simply purchase products from a shop or slightly more drastically you could go to the dentist to have surgery or braces.

People consider the “perfect teeth” to be straight white and all in line. Many people are quite happy with there teeth not being as perfect as they could be. Most people are happy if all of their teeth are in working order so they don’t really mind about how perfect they are. Some people however are very keen to try and perfect their teeth and will go to great lengths to do so.

Oral hygiene
Most people will be sure to maintain their basic oral hygiene by brushing their teeth twice a day and visiting the dentist twice a year for a check-up. Others are a little more meticulous in their routine and insist on timing their brushing, flossing and then using an anti-bacterial mouthwash. On visiting the dentist they will ask you of any problems or concerns that you may have had with your teeth. They may recommend the best products for you to use and will take a close look at any specific problem areas that you’ve pointed out. The outcome may mean a filling or other forms of treatment however, this is sure to put your teeth back into tip top condition.

Tooth paste choice
There are many different types of tooth paste available and you should consider a number of different factors when choosing the best product for you. There are tooth pastes designed for different ages and teeth. There are specific tooth pastes for children and it is recommended that they use a soft tooth brush; the vast majority of toothpastes can be used by pretty much anyone and it’s usually recommended for adults to use a medium tooth brush; there’s also specific tooth pastes for people with dentures, a soft tooth brush is again recommended. Although the majority of tooth pates can be used by anyone there are specific products on the market that are designed for smokers or those with sensitive teeth. This is because smokers are prone to having stains on their teeth and the toothpastes that are intended for smokers have special ingredients aimed at targeting these stains. Tooth paste for sensitive teeth includes ingredients to help strengthen the teeth so that they are no longer sensitive.

This blog has been written by Samantha Smith mother of four who recommends using  for a London Dentist.