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Personalized Gift Bag Ideas For Showers or Parties

A party or shower is usually a fun time with friends and loved ones all on its own. However, gift bags add that neat extra touch that can make the event that much more memorable for the attendees. One of the great things about gift bags is just how much you can tailor them to suit the occasion. Here are a few of the easy ways you can figure out personalized gift bag ideas for your next shower or party.


Most people have a use for an extra shirt or pair of trousers in their lives. The nice thing about using apparel as an idea for a gift bag is how economical it is both in time and money. Customized garments meet at the intersection of ease and practicality, so you can never go wrong with them. You can add text or a design to commemorate the event. If you’re a business hosting a party, you can use apparel as advertising.

Unique Stickers

Some people like to collect stickers. Even if you’re not holding an event for a group that enjoys such a thing, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include some decals on your bags somewhere. It’s a good idea to make the bag as memorable as the items you put inside it. You can do this without a lot of fuss using custom die-cut stickers. You can get these made to your exact specifications in both size and appearance, making them truly unique decorations that are specific to each event you host. Don’t be surprised if many guests want to keep them just as much as the gifts you give.

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Some people will call sweets like chocolate a cop-out when it comes to gift bag ideas. Sure, they might be an easy option, but they don’t have to be a formulaic one. Sweets come in several shapes, sizes, and flavors that you can combine into a unique confectionery experience that will be as memorable as it is delicious. You can even find themed collections that could match what you’re trying to do with your shower or party. This is an easy way to create filler in the bag, but everyone is sure to appreciate it.

Corporate Gifts

Are you hosting a business party for workmates? Corporate gifts work well here, but you should stay away from the typical pens of flash drives. All of that stuff is overdone and rather bland. Instead, you can offer things like phone holders, travel alarm clocks, or even tiny humidifiers that work with water bottles for those employees that often need to stay at hotels.

All gift bags can be different depending on what you have in mind. However, a few things to take note of are how portable, memorable, and original your bag ideas are. If you keep these three things in mind, you can make the ideal bag for any occasion every time. You can use some of the ideas above to fulfill these criteria while remaining within a set budget.

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