Personalized Tote Bags As A Party Favor

Tote bags make great party favors to give out to friends and family. When they’re personalized they make an extra special gift that your guests will value for a long time. Personalized totes show that you gave a lot of thought and care into your gift giving.

Totes are extremely functional, so they are the type of party favors that your guests will definitely use. Your guests will use them as beach bags, diaper bags, traveling bags, grocery bags or even for carrying around tablets and laptops. This is a party favor that they’ll always have within reach. Here are five ways you can use personalized totes.

Wedding Party Favors: Who said that personalized totes are for business promotions only? They can be used as a wedding favor to commemorate your special day for all your guests. Imprint your names, your wedding date, a photo and a personal message to your guests. The nice thing about these bags is that you’ll have sufficient space to share your message. Your guests will go home happy with the gift that will last a lot longer than nuts or mints.

Birthday Party Favors: Tote bags are a wonderful way for the celebrant and guests to remember the special milestone. You’ll have to personalize the tote with a photo, birthday greeting and date. The guests will have the tote as a keepsake of that very special event. But the tote can also perform double duty in that you can fill the bags with goodies, games and small toys for the children to take home. For adult parties you can fill the bags with wine, books or chocolate.

Gift Wrap: Forget about wrapping your gifts; it’s long, tedious and a waste of paper. For a more unique presentation, place your gifts in personalized totes. You can commission a few to wrap your Christmas gifts or for any other special occasion. Totes are even better than gift bags because they last longer and are more versatile. Help your guests to treasure the wrapping as much as they’ll treasure the gift inside by placing the gift in a personalized tote.

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Grocery Bags: For a fantastic way to cut back on paper and plastic bags used at checkout and gain some advertising, use personalized totes. Of course you probably encourage customers to bring their own bags, but you can keep a stockpile of personalized totes at the checkout stands for your customers to carry their items.

To manage inventory you can charge a few dollars for each tote- your customers won’t mind. It’s good advertising for you and a way to market yourself as an environmentally conscious supplier.

Birth Announcements: Want to send out a birth announcement that your friends will always remember? Send it out on a personalized tote instead of the usual boring card. Add a photo, date and some special details to announce this very special occasion.

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