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Pest control is crucial for your restaurant on many fronts. Not only must you keep them under control to be in accordance with local health codes, pest sightings could be very damaging to the reputation of your business. In these days of social media, the news of such sightings can reach large numbers of people at once. Here are just a few tips to keep things under control.

Educate Your Staff

Educating your staff about indicators of an infestation is a crucial part of keeping undesirable pests at bay. They should know what increases the risk of pests and the health issues they can cause. Make a checklist that outlines proper procedure for servicing utensils and machinery as well as a way of keeping track of such servicing. Let them know to be on the lookout for dirt trails, eggs, materials used for nesting and other things that indicate the presence of pests. If they see any sort of insect no matter how ‘harmless ‘looking, make sure they report it. Early action is key as many infestations can go unnoticed for long periods, until they become serious problems. Nip it in the bud as soon as possible.

Pest Control Tips For Restaurants

Dry, Clean and Inaccessible

When it comes to keeping pests at bay, these three words are like a mantra. Without food, water and a way in, they can’t invade your restaurant. Anything from a food processor with bits remaining to leaky garbage bags can open the door to an infestation. The dumpster area is one of particular concern for rodents in particular. Even little slip ups here and there can add up to a big-time problem so it pays to be diligent.

Work with a Specialist

To design an optimal strategy, you should set up an appointment with a company that provides commercial pest control services.They can do a thorough inspection of your facility and offer suggestions on how to best keep pests at bay. Schedule regular inspections to get ahead of any infestations.


All manner of insects are drawn to the warmth of light. Use this to your advantage by drawing them in with UV lights that can lead them right into glue traps and bug zappers. They can keep obnoxious flies away from the restaurant in particular as well as take care of any bugs that may find their way inside.

Entrances and Exits

When possible, keep windows and doors closed. If certain doors must be kept open for longer periods, consider getting an air curtain to deter insects. For closed doors, a door sweep can add some extra protection against rodents and bugs. Make sure you regularly inspect the exterior for any cracks and crevices that give pests an in to your facility.

Storage Areas

Dry food products should be in air-tight containers—loosely closed bags and boxes are not a sufficient defense. It should be at least half a foot off the ground and at least a foot from the wall—this makes for easy cleaning and inspection. Stock using the first in, first out method.