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One of the most important things you will ever do after you purchase a new bed is picking the perfect pillows to go with it. While you may opt to use the free or discounted price pillows you get with your mattress, they may not suit you, your body or you sleep style. Pillows are an integral part of sleeping well and sleeping comfortably and while there exist many pillows types and styles on the market it all comes down to a very personal decision. If you sleep alone, you have the full authority to purchase the pillows you want, but if you also have to purchase for someone else or for your children, you have to take their sleeping patterns into consideration. Poor sleep influences a myriad of health issues and can truly affect the quality of your life. Cheap and poorly made pillows can be downright hazardous to your health and super expensive pillows can leave you broke. One good first step is to possibly consider buying pillows from a reputable retailer who can offer a wide selection of both pillows and cases, for example But before you get to the point of buying pillows you have to be fully aware of the kind of pillow that will suit you the best. Here are a couple tips you can use to make your next pillow purchase true pillowy perfection:

If you’re a back sleeper:

This is one of the most traditional yet one of the least favorite sleeping positions – but a position none the less. Sleeping on your back may be excellent health wise in terms of keeping your spine straight and aligned as well as keeping your lungs free to inhale as much fresh air as possible during your slumber. The back sleeper requires a thinner pillow to offer support without straining the neck in an unnatural position. Neck support is still important however so look for a pillow that has a soft loft at the base to cushion your neck and still allow you to enjoy this position.

If you’re a side sleeper:

Heads down this is the most popular way that people choose to sleep. Be it alone and hugging a pillow or sleeping with someone to cuddle, sleeping on your side mimics a semi fetal position and helps those who like the position to fall asleep quickly and comfortably. Side sleepers need a more robust pillow because the space created by this position between the ear and the shoulder puts a lot of strain on the neck if the area itself is not supported adequately. Choose a fuller, sturdy pillow that conforms to the concave curvature of the space created and enjoy your naptime happily.

If you’re a stomach sleeper:

Stomach sleepers need to be very careful when choosing pillows and just like back sleepers, they require thinner pillows that do not force the neck into an unnatural position. Some stomach sleepers won’t even use a pillow for their heads but medical experts suggest that you sleep with one tucked under your stomach to help prevent the occurrence of lower back pain.