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In my opinion, picking the right glass washer could be a quite difficult course of action. For any restaurant, pub club or bar, this equipment is probably the most crucial piece of gear behind the counter. If your place is devoid of a working glass washer, then you will eventually use up all the clean glasses and without them you can not serve drinks. Without drinks you cannot continue your enterprise.


Unfortunately, a glass washer is probably the most high priced piece of gear that a restaurant must obtain. That’s why I suggest that you must balance the cost of the equipment against the benefit it can give you before you decide if you really have to invest. If your pub is really dependent on it, then you must be careful to buy the right equipment. This short article will give you some pointers to help you decide.


Plastic Elements


This should be a no-no when acquiring any glass washer. Stay clear of at all cost from any machine with plastic elements, specifically any operating pipe, moving components, filters or jets. The very high temperatures where glass washers operate implies that plastic elements tend not to endure for a long time. They’re continuously contracting and expanding and combined with the water and detergent mixtures gurgling constantly inside the cabinet, the machine will eventually crack due to normal wear and tear.


The initial savings you’ll get by buying a cheap plastic machine is offset by frequent service calls for parts replacement and this will be more expensive once the warranty on the machine expires. Plastic machines only carry a one year warranty on parts and sometimes labor fee for servicing is not even added.


Stainless Steel


As for me, I would suggest buying an equipment made entirely of stainless steel. Stainless steel wear very slowly and it is a lot more sturdy compared to plastic. It is not affected by hot water going around the machine. Stainless steel glass washer machines are frequently out there at a slightly increased cost than those with plastic elements but in the long-term you’ll make a saving with longer integrated warranties, fewer engineer call-outs as well as a longer machine life.


Detergent Pumps


A lot of suppliers online will make detergent pumps an optional bonus so that you can decrease the initial cost of your machine. Though this really is frequent practice inside the market and lots of people today is not going to want detergent pumps as they may be locked into contracts with chemical organizations and have dispensers on the wall, it is actually encouraged that you simply buy a detergent pump if at all feasible.


A detergent pump will pump the needed calibrated level of detergent out of your chemical container directly to the washing chamber and boiler of one’s machine. This improves the washing outcomes as detergent is pumped in the optimum time during the wash cycle and ensures you aren’t adding more chemical substances or adding less. Aside from enhancing the wash’ final results, it also becomes a considerably far more economical decision to operate using the appropriate level of detergents as opposed to overdosing on each and every wash. This swiftly recuperates the initial cash outlay of a detergent pump. That’s why I would suggest that you to invest in this.


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