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Adventure is a part of life. It always is involving in nature. But in the modern times where most of us lead a cubicle lifestyle, it is a luxury to indulge in adventure and emerge as a winner. Due to this reason only, adventure tourism is a favored tourism attraction, enjoying inclination from tourists worldwide. Here are top Places to Visit for an Adventurous Trip

1) Hang Gliding at Rio de Janeiro

Hang Gliding at Rio Janeiro is a truly unique and special experience. The sensation of flying like a bird, the fresh, tropical breeze caressing your face enhanced by the beauty of beaches and mountain ranges is enthralling as it is exciting. The mountains meet the Atlantic Ocean at Sao Conrado, a town of scenic beauty and picturesque settings. It is surrounded by Tijuca national park, the largest urban forest in the world. The mountains peaks around this area are called Pedra da Gavea, Pedra Bonita and Cochrane. It is from here that you take off for your hang gliding adventure before you land back on the smooth beaches of Sao Conrado.

Places To Visit For An Adventurous Trip

2) Scuba Diving at Tatra Mountains of Slovakia

The Tatra Mountains of Slovakia are the highest range in the Carpathian Mountains. While surrounded by towering structures you can try the fast pass thrill of water rafting: this white-knuckle ride is guaranteed leaving you screaming for more! Just so you can get your breath back you will finish the day listening to soothing sounds of the mountains waterfall while bathing in sunlight.

3) Ski and Snow Boarding in Nepal

Snow boarding, Nepal is perhaps only for the true adventure seeking enthusiasts. It has the most outstanding back county skiing and snowboarding and is best for those who seek excitement beyond the ordinary. The thrill of adventure is heightened because Nepal has no skiing resorts and skiing or snowboarding has to be back country and purely exploratory. This trip allows you to ski literally at the top of the world, 4000 m and above, higher than most ski destinations in the world.

4) Whitewater Rafting /Kayaking in the Zambezi River

The Zambezi River is on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe and offers diverse of river conditions, African wildlife and spectacular scenery. It is acclaimed to be the wildest and most enthralling whitewater run in the world. Euphemistically called the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and ‘Oblivion’ it is indeed among the most exciting adventures of all times. The whitewater rafting here has been classified as Grade 5 with extremely violent and long rapid water falls

5) Rock Climbing at Joshua Tree California

Joshua Tree California has 4500 routes with diverse grades of complexity and is concentrated within 100,000 acres of park land. Joshua Tree is a virtual wonderland of high desert scenery. A delicate and rugged environment, it is a great opportunity for first time rock climbers, campers as well as desert visitors. The rocks in Joshua Tree were designed with climbers in mind with the primary attraction being the flat approaches, accessible summits and the laid back nature of the park.

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