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It isn’t hard to plan a great birthday party for your kid; but what turns fun into unforgettable. Themed parties are always nice to plan. This year, consider a pirate themed party for your child. Pirate themed parties are enjoyable, have simple color schemes, and are there are loads of tips and tricks online to make your pirate themed party a true gem of the sea.


Let the Banquet Begin

The first step to any unforgettable party is its unforgettable food. The possibilities when it comes to pirate themed foods are almost endless and can fit any budget. If you’re looking for a quick fix consider a store bought cake, vanilla icing, and some blue food coloring for a cheap and delicious pirate treat. If you’re willing to spend a little more of your booty, there are tons of really fun online recipes to make tropical pirate treats all the way to a step by step easy to make, pirate ship shaped cake! You can’t just start at desert, however, there are tons of healthy treats ready to make too. Sugar free blue jello, oranges, toothpicks, and easy to print out pirate sails make kids a fun but healthy snack. The pirate themed treats are endless from gold coin cake pops to treasure chest cupcakes.

The Treasure and the Trinkets

The next step to a perfect pirate party is the booty. All kids hope to go to a party and walk away with a little something extra. Pirate gear is cheap and easy to find. From dollar cheap pirate swords, eye patches, and pirate hats to printable treasure chest, downloadable cardboard ship designs, and even ocean view wall paper for the perfect pirate party. Kids look forward to having a great time. Kids don’t just want things though, they also want memories they can walk away with too. There are tons of fun pirate themed party games that kids will never forget growing up. There are even easy to find and fair priced pirate themed jumping castles. They host fun characters like Jack Sparrow from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. If you want to plan the best ever pirate birthday party for your kid, the you should hire Pirates of the Caribbean Jumping Castle. It’ll leave kids with a great feeling that they’ll talk home with them.

Settling the Seas

Nothing ends a great pirate party like a great going away surprise. What’s a better surprise than a pirate canon battle? Cheap to buy, easy to fill water balloons can end a child’s fun day of pirate adventure with a splash. Hosting an everybody wins kids vs. adults water balloon game can boost your child’s self confidence and show him and his friends a really good time, and the importance of good sportsmanship. The game can be easily set up a few hours before hand, filling roughly 100 water balloons, not a hard task. Draw fun, pirate themed shapes, on the balloon with a soft felt sharpie. Then have some fun. Let the kids toss and splash you until it’s time for a little healthy adult revenge. It’ll tire both kids and adults out and end the pirate adventure in the perfect way.