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For decades, consumers have overwhelmingly chosen to purchase and tote around disposable water bottles as a convenient way to stay hydrated. In fact, you may be one of the many consumers who still purchases huge cases of water bottles each time you visit the grocery store. While this is a common occurrence and may be an ingrained habit, now is the time to make a positive change. In fact, these are some of the many benefits that you can take advantage of when you kick your bottled water habit.

Unnecessary Pollution

The primary alternative to using disposable water bottles is to invest in a water filtration system at home and to fill your own reusable water bottles. By taking this simple and easy step, you eliminate the huge amount of waste associated with plastic water bottles. Some people may justify their use of water bottles by stating that they recycle them. However, you may not recycle all bottles that you use. In addition, there is still pollution and waste associated with the manufacturing and shipment of these bottles.

Water Quality

You may assume that the quality of bottled water is superior to anything that could come out of your tap, but this has been proven to be incorrect. Spend time researching water quality for some of the leading bottled water brands. By doing so, you may decide that treating and filtering your own tap water is a better idea after all.

Health Concerns

In addition to the health concerns associated with water quality, drinking water from some types of plastics may also have health consequences. Most plastics contain BPA, and this has been linked to serious health consequences. The best way to eliminate this concern in your life is to use metal or glass reusable water containers.

Huge Expense

Many people regularly search for a great way to save money. They may make huge efforts to slash cable TV bills, auto insurance premiums and more. However, they fail to look at the recurring expense associated with buying water bottles. After you invest in a home water filtration system installation and several high-quality reusable bottles, you can continue to enjoy portable water without the regular cost associated with buying bottles.

Some people continue to use disposable water bottles because of the perceived convenience. However, using filtered water from home is just as convenient, and it offers many additional benefits. Now is a great time to start researching home water filtration systems and picking out reusable water bottles.