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Real sports fisherman live to fish.  After all that what is it is all about .  And of course successfully landing and pulling in the ‘big one”  after the monumental battle with these monsters of the deep.
It can be said that the most electrifying moment in most fisherman and sport angler’s careers is that very instant when the fish itself “strikes”.  Line rips off the reel, the rod “bucks” and that fish leaps high in the fresh or ocean salt water. What you do , as an angler , in those first few seconds will well determine whether you take a trophy home – or a sad story – home from your weekend fishing trip or deep sea ocean fishing jaunt at Cancun or Puerto Morelos Gulf of Mexico.

Play the Fish Well With the Right Pressure on the Rod & Reel:
Playing a fish is a delicate and yet precise contest overall.  Too much pressure on the fishing line and it break; yet not enough pressure and that fish may bulldog its way away from your boat , or into thick cover .  Your line may be snarled , snapped free  .  The hook may be “thrown”.  Yet its a double edged sword and that what is makes fishing such an exciting and challenging sport. Its you against the wit , wisdom , power and endurance of those or that specific fish.

The “Strike”:
Yet the strike itself may be subtle or ferocious in nature, all depending on the very mood , hunger and temperament of the creature at hand.  For example a trout that is rising to mayflies , which are slow to fly from the water’s surface will usually sip that down gently.  Yet that is not the case indeed for a Blue Marlin deep sea monster on the line off Cancun in the Gulf of Mexico.

Good Fishing Equipment Rods & Reels Assist Greatly – Keep Your Rod High:
Once the fish in the on , the rod and reel are designed and built to be integrated  and work together during the fight.  The fight no doubt is now on. A good fishing unit will absorb the strain of sudden tension on the line itself. The rod performs its role by flexing whereas fishing reels work by giving up line at a rate you have determined by the drag setting.   During the fight itself work to to keep your rod tip up high.  Take care that you don’t lower your stick. The pressure itself is mechanically straining the line which if you don’t take good care can break and let your valuable prey “off the hook”. On top of that its a wise practice of senior and highly experienced professional anglers to keep that rod tip up as overall it makes the fish on the line fight against the power of the rod itself, tiring out that monster quicker.

Many Fisherman Live for That Annual Derbies or Fishing Tournaments:
No doubt about it.  Many people live to fish .  For some its a quiet weekend or vacation on the water. For others its yearly trips with their “fishing buddies”.  Yet for others its annual derbies and fishing tournaments.

Carlos Emelio

Carlos or “Lobster”  as the sports fishermen and boat charter captains that surround the main dock at Puerto Morelos call him lives to fish. Its the love of his life.  Whether its landing Gulf of Mexico Barracuda, Marlin , Red Snapper or even the famed yet elusive Blue Marlin itself its all one big fish tale of what was caught that day and what got away.   Yet if there is one thing Emelio lives for its the famed annual Puerto Morelos fishing tourament off Puerto Morelos which runs typically in spring time late April or early May seasonally each and every year