Porch Design Inspirations

Porch Design Inspirations

There are so many things you can do if you have a porch in your home. Think of the extra space for storage and entertaining. You can also use the space to just sit back and relax with your kids and family on lazy Sunday afternoons. Here are a few more inspirations for your porch.

A skylight might be a good, sustainable solution for your dark porch. It offers you natural light during the day and a spectacular view of the stars at night. You can clear the porch of furniture and lay a blanket on the floor and you and your family can gaze at the stars. Just be sure that you have a security door in place for when you don’t need the skylight.

Folding sliding doors
To further brighten up your porch, install folding sliding doors that connect to the main house. An undisturbed flow of natural light will make your porch brighter. On the other hand, while you are inside the house, you can take advantage of the cool breeze by leaving the folding sliding doors open. Since these doors fold up and take very little space, they are great for parties and get-togethers. It creates a continuous flow from the main house to the porch. Guests can easily get food from the kitchen and take them outside without the obstruction of a door.

You can also install folding sliding doors around your porch to ensure privacy and to make your porch usable the entire year. Whether rain or shine, you will be able to enjoy your porch.

A folding sliding door is also useful if your house is in an area close to the forest. It keeps unwanted animals at bay and keeps the bugs out.

If you and your family spend a lot of time in the porch, you can have a fireplace installed so you can truly enjoy it even during the dead of winter. You can also make the fireplace the focal point of the porch and decorate around it. You can spend white Christmases in the warmth and comfort of your porch.

Want to do something fun? Decorate your porch with a theme in mind. It may be based on colors or patterns that you like or take inspiration from your surroundings. If your porch is enveloped by trees or flowers, extend those elements into your porch.

Space saving furniture
If you have a small porch, don’t worry. Choose furniture that can double as storage or is multi-function. Choose pieces that are sleek and chic at the same time. If you have a big family, place a long table and matching sleek chairs. You can use the porch as a dining area or homework area and hold family meetings without feeling too cramped.

Make the most of your porch with these design inspirations that you and your family will surely love.

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