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There are so many ingredients that have been used previously that have now been found to potentially be cancer causers. One of the main examples of this is tobacco. In the early 1900s, cigarettes were thought to be cool and not harmful, but we have found out that cigarettes are one of the main causes of lung cancer. Here are some more examples of ingredients that are now potential cancer causers.

It is also known as 4-MI or 4-MEI. 4-Methylimidazole is a type of food colouring that is found in many beverages, for example, cola drinks (Coke and Pepsi). A recent study has shown that these drinks contain too much of this substance and can potentially cause cancer. Coca-cola and Pepsi have plans to reduce how much of this substance they use in their beverages.

This chemical compound is found in starchy food items that have been cooked, such as french fries and crisps (chips). The Acrylamide level rises the longer the food items have been heated. This chemical compound has been linked to cancer and a few of the companies that sell these starchy products have agreed to reducing the amount of Acrylamide in their products.

Triclosan is and organic compound that is used in a number of health and house related products, for example, toothpaste, mouthwash and soap. Triclosan has been linked with cancer as it is a probable human carcinogen. In the UK, there was a cancer awareness advert that referred to Triclosan.

Sodium Nitrites
This chemical compound is found in a number of our favourite foods, for example, hot dogs, bacon and other processed meat. It is possible that this can cause cancer, and is often associated with colorectal cancer and pancreatic cancer. Studies have shown that sodium nitrites increase the risk of cancer. Some of the nitrosamines are human carcinogens.

This is another chemical compound that is found in a variety of cosmetics and pesticides. After a number of tests, scientists have found that nitrosamines can cause cancer for animals, so it is very possible that they can cause human cancer too. Nitrosamines are produces when certain substances are used in the same substance.

These are just five of the many ingredients that are sometimes part of our daily foods and products. There are many ingredients in absolutely everything and there are many ingredients that have been found to be probably human carcinogens; this means that cancer is possible. To help avoid these health problems, software has been created to help businesses determine whether the ingredients they are using are safe or dangerous to use. Many businesses now use multivariate data analysis to study their ingredients.

My name is Harriet and I research anything that links to cancer and I write about it. I refer to companies, such as CAMO, as they provide multivariate software that other businesses use to help research things like ingredients and the effects they have on people.