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Education and experience are big assets in the corporate world, but let’s face facts. People who dress powerfully make it further in the business world than people who don’t. What exactly is power dressing and why does it matter? Think about the last time you walked into a bank and try to recall how the tellers were dressed. Can’t remember? That isn’t a surprise in most cases. Now, think about the last time you were in a bank and saw one of the managers. Business suit? Red tie? There is a reason that these individuals dress in this manner and it is the whole reason why you can power dress your way to the stop.

The more professional your attire, the more people around you in the workplace will respect you. If you come to work in jeans and a polo shirt every day and the guy sitting next to you wears a suit, who do you think management will look at for a promotion? Right. The guy in the suit, regardless of his education and experience. Obviously, the more qualified candidate will get the job, but the one who appears more professional will definitely get the first look.

If you want to power dress your way to the top, you need to invest in business attire that gets you noticed. You will immediately find that people give you more respect and consider you competent in your field. In any environment where professionalism matters, power dressing will get you the promotion and command the respect of those around you.

What does it take to power dress your way to the top? You can start by looking at your hairstyle. Both men and women should have conservative hairstyles. For men, a basic short cut, parted on one side is the most powerful hairstyle. Women should wear their hair straight and medium length, parted on the side and smoothed carefully throughout the day. Cosmetics should be kept to a minimum and jewelry should be classy and simple.

Now, consider your clothing. You must always wear a suit. Most women prefer to wear a skirt suit with a tailored skirt and jacket, in black or grey. A white or light colored lightweight blouse makes a great suit companion, as does a shiny red blouse. Men also consider a suit in black or grey with a white shirt and a red tie. These are traditional power dressing options, but what matters is the fit. Get your suits professionally tailored. Even if you are a master with hems, you need to have your suits custom tailored to your measurements. You want the perfect fit.

It is easy to power dress your way to the top with top quality professional apparel that fits you perfectly. Your appearance will get you recognized as an authority and command the respect of those around you.

Nisha is a freelance health, beauty and fashion writer with over five years’ experience. She is currently writing on behalf of