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Practical Clothing: It’s Going To Be Massive

Fashion has the ability to popularise look over function in its entirety, forcing what would otherwise be practical piece of clothing to be dismissed forever just because of its looks.

Shame on you fashion. Depriving the world of some of the most practical pieces of clothing because they aren’t ‘in season’

Image: Brett Jordan

Here’s my list of clothes that I believe will emerge from the dark age of fashion to finally achieve worldwide acclaim.

The Cape

There is a reason why superhero’s wear capes; they accentuate movement of the individual creating an elegant grace and in some cases can be used to conceal ones identity. These are two practical reasons why you will be seeing a lot more of the cape in the future.

The emergence of the hoodie in the nineties showcased how the youth can embrace this practical fashion, a simple extension of fabric attached to an existing item of clothing defined a generation. I see the cape as a logical extension of the hoodie movement, liberating excess fabric back into the hands of the fashion conscious.

Lights in Clothing

Lights are a necessity for not walking into things. They are also handy for a variety of other uses that I won’t touch on right now. I have realised though, that most lights are static, you walk into an already lit room. With lights on clothes you don’t have to worry about whether the location that you are heading towards has lights at all. Just like going on a day out with a picnic, having lights attached to your clothes will make sure that you can find your way home from even the most remote forest rave.

Some examples of fashion display lighting that I would recommend would be maybe to attach some LED’s to your boots, or maybe some flexible lighting fashioned into a scarf.

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Wheels: Mobilising Fashion

Wheels on clothing have had a lukewarm reception with the older generation. Much like when skateboarding was first introduced, many dismissed it as a hobby, the board itself just a mere toy that’s popularity would wane. Today, skateboarding is one of the elite extreme sports generating millions in revenue every year.

That is why I predict that wheels will be big in 2013, a faster more efficient way to travel for the busy people we are today.

Say it with Words

Expressing everything from your favourite football teams to your stance of the hottest political debates, slogan t-shirts are popular because they can say whatever you like. As social media has awakened our urge to tell each other just how we are doing almost all of the time, t-shirts also find that they have a role to play in the social tapestry of life.

Expect simple slogans and gimmicks, such as ‘I’m with stupid’ to disappear in favour of elaborate and niche expressions. Why wear a blank t-shirt ever again, when you could take the opportunity to offend, or even enlighten, someone.

There are surely other practical pieces that have been overlooked and some that I have probably not even heard of, but that is the beauty of practical fashion.

Once you realise you can incorporate tools and practical applications into your everyday wear, there is no turning back. One day I can only hope that these ideas and others will become as big as pockets.

Dan Izzard is a tech-style blogger. He writes about technology, but only the things that raise the bar in fashion and design and style. He blogs for Litecraft Commercial about interior design, and other trends from the world of fashion.

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