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Families considering adoption do so with the best of intentions. The idea of providing a home and a support network for a child is appealing, particularly for those who already have or want to start a family. In reality, adoption is a tough but rewarding journey. Parents need to be certain they have considered all the angles to their decision before progressing with their application. For those in the right circumstances, adoption may be the best choice. However, that call cannot be made without pre-considering the impact this could have on your family.

It is not selfish to consider the needs of your family. Some families will be perfect for adoption, whereas some will find themselves limited in the help they can offer. Regardless of your drive to adopt, your family needs to be capable of adjusting to an additional child before you can be put forward for a match. Adoption agencies conduct extensive background checking procedures, including home visits, which are designed to help find the right family match in the interests of the child.


For the family hoping to adopt, there are various factors that need to be considered. These range from the highly practical to the emotional and very personal. But without appropriate thought and discussion, both between parents and family, the process can be a challenging one. Housing, for example, is one area adoption agencies will consider. An adopted child requires space, both in terms of somewhere to sleep and other household facilities. If the extra body would prove a stretch on an objective measure, you might not be in the right home to adopt at this point in time.

Issues like housing might seem trivial, but they are an important part of a wider process. No agency would be willing to match a child with a family of four in a one-bedroom apartment, for example. Naturally, housing is far from the most significant issue. But it is a factor prospective parents need to think about before nominating themselves for adopting.

On the emotional side, you and your family need to be able to offer the undying support and love that you would expect from parent and child. A loving adoptive parent can make a massive difference to a child’s life. It can be the difference between a life of opportunity and a life of difficulty. Agencies always strive to locate families that can provide this level of care and support to kids. Parental personality and background are essential criteria for those researching whether to match an adopted family.


Supporting a child can be difficult at the best of times – just ask any parent. But for families wishing to adopt, the barrier is set that bit higher. This is not designed to discourage adoption, but to make sure that those who make it to the end of the process are the most suitable candidates for adopting a child. The interests of the child will always be the main concern. Families that can demonstrate they have thought about the process and have taken steps to prepare for an adopted child will be more likely to succeed in their application.