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“Girl’s best friend – it’s Diamonds” this phrase all of us just heard in life more than once. Every girl and woman loves jewelry without doubt.

Today, the choice of precious stones is very diverse. Jewelry shops can be found quite often in the streets of any city. 

Nobody will argue that gold jewelry look beautiful and looks expensive and concisely. But no less succinctly can look and silverware, the popularity of which is growing very rapidly. Also one of the advantages of silver is its low cost attributable to gold, which is why many are now his and choose.

In box of treasures in every woman must be present products from this metal. Silver products may look elegant, luxurious and refined, especially if they are decorated with precious stones, but of course they will cost several times more, it is through the stones. Their unlimited choice will not leave you indifferent, because they can have a variety of colors and shapes.

Silver does not immediately reveal all the secrets of her beauty. In itself, it contains the energy of innocence and purity. Energy Metal moonlight gives nobility to its owner. Aristocracy and elegance – these are the main priorities of silver.

Nobody will argue that the silverware will be very harmonious look also on the man in the form of cufflinks, rings, bracelets, watches, or even a chain around his neck.

Either jewelry salon will always help to make a successful choice, because the client’s preferences, which are brought to life.

5 Types of Silver Jewelry

Silver is by far the most used precious metal that is used to create jewelry. Silver Jewelry causes the delight of the multitude of men and women around the world. Popularity of silver jewelry due to the fact that at an affordable price and are bright accessories with lots of different designs. Typically, modern jewelry market offers five popular types of products made ​​from silver.

1. Jewelry made ​​of silver without any impurities. Not pure silver has a very glossy finish. Softness of silver giving him the flexibility that makes it ideal products such as earrings, bracelets, Silver Monogram Necklaces and so on.

2. Jewelry made ​​of 925th sterling silver. Silver this sample is more solid and can be as relatively hard. Ornaments made ​​of this type of silver handled a variety of techniques such as engraving, filigree, engraving, inlaying. They can be used to manufacture chains, earrings, monogram necklaces, rings, bracelets different, etc.

3. Jewelry made ​​of silver or alpaca German silver. German silver is an alloy that consists of nickel, copper and zinc. Jewelry made ​​of such silver corrosion resistant and feature strength and durability. These decorations usually include parts which are not in contact with the skin, because of the fact that nickel belongs to the alloy, the multitude of the people causing the allergy.

4. Silver jewelry with precious stones. This can be very different decorations. Precious stones give a unique charm and enhance the value of jewelry. The most popular gemstones in jewelry manufacturing are topaz, amethyst, turquoise, emerald, ruby, sapphire and pearl.

5. Oxidized silver jewelry. This jewelry is specifically oxidized to give them an antique, rigorous style. Though it may sound a little strange, but this look adds to the appeal jewelry. Admired by many people these ornaments; especially those who like things unconventional design. Now when you get an idea of silverware, it will help determine the type of decoration which is right for you.