Preparative Chromatography Solutions

Whatever the complexity or the scale of your purification process is, Spectro-Intelligence LLC’s preparative chromatography systems are designed to satisfy your changing needs. Together with an expansive range of elite chromatography segments, we provide you the optimized solution suited to your purification workflow.

Super Fluid Chromatography Equipment

Supercritical liquid chromatography (SFC) is a form of normal phase chromatography that uses a supercritical liquid, for example, carbon dioxide as the mobile phase. It is used for the analysis and purification of low to moderate molecular weight, thermally labile molecules and can also be used for the separation of chiral mixes.

The Super Fluid Chromatography Equipment is extremely smaller, which ensures safety on the highest level and is easy to use for any flash or prep HPLC application. The platform has been designed to protect you and your sample and to get more purification in a very convenient manner by using minimal space.

If you have complex samples, for example, extracts of characteristic mixes to purify and need to scale up the purification process in order to cope with a large sample load, then our SFC system will provide an ideal flexibility to use high-efficiency segments whatever the packing and segment size is.

Services on Offer

You routinely purify your samples on an open glass section and have to cope with a limited resolution and a long separation time. As an initial move toward automation, we offer a small system allowing you to control the stream rate and the eluent composition. Our SFC system addresses the requirements specific to the isolation of mixes from a synthesis mixture.

Our strength lies in the way that we offer all-round technical support to the chromatographers in terms of troubleshooting and application support. We not just provide a service that is unlike anyone in the industry yet, in addition, a service guaranteed to save clients time, money and resources.

The capacity to work directly with leading manufacturers enables us to offer very competitive pricing while ensuring that you, the customer, never have to compromise on quality, support or services. On the other hand, our goal is to deliver quality products and efficient services while continuously expanding our service offerings.

At Spectro-Intelligence LLC, our vision is to be recognized as a trustworthy, dependable and reliable vendor for our product range. Moreover, we offer value-added and cost-effective services so that our clients can satisfy all their needs under one roof. Additionally, we maintain an adequate inventory for immediate deliveries and we can provide technical and application support for selecting the correct service. On the other hand, we continually improve our process to achieve the greatest satisfaction of our clients. We have worldwide sourcing and can arrange the products adhering to the customer timeline. Our expertise covers both spectroscopy and chromatography services that serve our clients regardless of what their points are. Along these lines, we plan to contribute greatly to fields as diverse as materials science and biochemistry, from frontier research through to quality control.

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