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I’ve read too many Worst Case Scenario cards not to come prepared everywhere I go. Although you don’t have to go all out with an emergency food kit and first aid kit in your trunk (although it might be a good idea!), prepare for the unpredictable weather that characterizes the spring season. By having your car stocked with everything you could possibly need, a little rain won’t ruin your day. Here are four crucial things to keep in your car this season.

1. Rainwear

You leave the house in a sundress and sandals and pull up to your destination in puddles up to your ankles and rain storming down. Instead of walking in looking like a rat freshly emerged from the sewer, have the right rainwear in your car for a quick change before you leave the protective oasis of your car. Have a pair of rain boots, hat, a hooded rain jacket and an umbrella handy for these occasions, and keep a spare change of clothes around in case you get wet anyway.

2. Sun Protection

When it’s not cloudy and raining during the spring, you can count on the sun shining brightly. This might not seem like a problem, but excessive sun exposure can damage your eyes and skin without the right protection. Have an extra bottle of sunblock in your car for sunny days, and include a few pairs of UV-protective sunglasses to keep your eyes guarded. Bring a water bottle with you every day as well to help prevent dehydration during warmer days.

3. Clothing alternatives

Although this was briefly mentioned earlier, I can’t stress enough the importance of having extra clothing in your car for adjusting to the changing weather. Specifically, have plenty of layering items, including light cardigans, warm hoodies and windbreakers. Have a pair of long pants on hand in case it gets cold or windy when you’re wearing a spring skirt, and bring some rain boots along in case you need to switch out your sandals.

4. Cleaning Products

You won’t need your snow scraper anymore, but Mother Nature can still pose an environmental threat during the summer. From pollen to grass to dirt, your car can easily accumulate dirt that can cause permanent damage. Keep a portable vacuum in your car to remove built-up dust and allergens in the seats and floor. Have stain remover, cleaning wipes, air freshener and other cleaning supplies to maintain cleanliness during this more adventure-friendly season.

Unfortunately, you can’t just compile a car emergency kit once and be done with it until the end of the season. Since you’ll likely be using the things you have in your emergency kit, be sure to conduct an inventory at least once a week to keep your supply stocked for emergencies. Feel free to add new items as your lifestyle calls for it, so you can customize your preparedness kit for your needs.