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Preserve The Photobook

It seems like today every piece of technology has managed to be fitted with some kind of camera. People can take photos with their laptops, snap candid pictures with the cell phones, and generally take high quality pictures without ever having to touch a camera. People of the next generation may never have to develop film again, they’ll have countless online galleries and an online photobook on whatever the Facebook and Instagram of tomorrow is.

This era of photo convenience has its benefits, after all now people can express themselves with photography like never before. Unfortunately it has led to a decrease in actual tangible photography; most photos are now strictly posted online and exist nowhere else. There is a certain peace of mind that comes with owning a flash drive full of memories, but the traditional photobook won’t be fading away from anybody’s memories any time soon. No matter how far technology progresses there will never be a substitute for sitting down and flipping through the family photo album together.

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Save the Memories!

Thanks to the prevalence of photo editing, there’s a certain special kind of authenticity that comes with actual printed photos. Do you remember the last time you took a photo that wasn’t edited in some kind of way? Of course now a red eye fixer and maybe even a “soft touch” filter to even out your skin tone and acne may not seem like a big deal. The kind of almost obsessive photo editing that goes on today would seem ridiculous to anybody who took pictures during a time when cameras used actual film.

Photo albums and photobooks preserve precious memories, and people shouldn’t be so quick to designate photos to an internet only medium. Think back to when you were young, regardless of where or how you grew up you probably have at least one memory of looking at photos with older family members. Tangible photo albums are how many people learn about their ancestors, they serve as an important link to the past for future generations. Remember the surprise and wonder you experienced the first time you saw a picture of your parents wedding, or the pride you felt when you saw pictures of past relatives who resembled you? Use the internet to find good album and photo printing business, then bring your photos into the real world with their services. Don’t let your children grow up on Facebook albums and Photoshopped Instagram pictures, start putting together your photo album and give your loved ones a physical link to their past.

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