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A garage door is a convenience that many people take for granted until it malfunctions. Suddenly, everything seems difficult when you must park in the driveway and run through the rain with an armful of groceries for the first time. Even if the garage door is working for the most part and only malfunctioning in a small manner, you still need to consider garage door repair. After all, a small problem now could equal big problems in the future. Garage doors are not something that you can repair on your own either. They need the experience and skill of the professionals. What kinds of problems could you be facing with a malfunctioning door?

Electrical Issues
Often, when a modern, automatic garage door starts malfunctioning, it could be electric issues. For this reason, you must hire a professional to do the repair work since electricity can be quite dangerous. These issues could range from not getting electrical current to the door, something malfunctioning in the wiring of the door, or the remote control or sensor malfunctioning. No matter the issue, you will need to get it repaired. If the garage door is working part of the time now, that most likely means it will stop working completely sooner or later if you do not choose to hire garage door repair now.

A Garage Door that is Sticking or Uneven
Garage doors have a number of different hinges, rollers, and tracks that are needed for them to open and close properly. In some cases, the sticking or dragging could just mean that these parts need to be lubricated. Other times, the issue could be alignment, which is especially true if the door seems uneven when it tries to close. Companies like All American Garage Door Solutions will be able to realign the door so that it can open and close properly and that the bottom of the door will meet the pavement properly.

Falling or Slipping Doors
Another issue that could require garage door repair would be falling or slipping. This is actually an issue that needs immediate attention because it could pose a danger. If the door slips when it is released through the safety lever or if it slips when it is opening or closing, you will need to hire a pro for repair. This could have to do with the extensions springs. These springs should hold the door in place even when it is released, but as they get worn out or if they break, then they will not be able to function properly. Since this could lead to harm if someone is walking under the door when it is slipping, it is vital that you get repairs as soon as possible.

Malfunctioning Safety System
Automatic garage doors should have a safety system that will keep them from closing if someone or something walks under them. This safety system is of the utmost importance for the safety of you, your family, and your pets. A safety system should be checked periodically, and if it is not working properly, you will need to hire a garage door repair company as soon as possible.

When your garage door malfunctions, you will need to call pros like All American Garage Door Solutions, so that you can continue living the comfort and convenience of a functioning garage. The problems above are just some of the issues that could come along, but any of them can be repaired properly with the help of the right professional.

This is a guest blog provided by Courtland Skipper of All American Garage Door Solutions. To find out more about garage door repair options, visit