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Promoting Your Business With Cotton Bags

For long periods of time retailers have offered the consumer standard carrier bags made from plastic and paper but recently they have discovered that by producing and selling printed cotton carrier bags – the increase in business has been very good – as they are using the cotton bags to advertise their store and because of the quality, these are used for everyday use by shoppers even when carrying purchases from other stores.  This just goes to show that you invest a little time, effort and money then the benefits to your business from such a simple marketing tool as a printed cotton bag could be significant.


Cotton bags; whether natural or organic can come in many varying colours and sizes from very small to very large and can obviously be used for many different purposes.  These printed cotton bags can also often be used as incentive and promotional tools which in turn can increase awareness of your brand or product to thousands of others.  Within these cotton bags if they are being used for promotional purposes you can also include other branded items such as stationery, stickers etc.  This kind of thing is often seen when you have attended a training course at a specialist training centre for example – you will receive a cotton bag with printed stationary and maybe other one time gifts to take away and advertise the fact that you have attended said training.  They can often act as a gentle reminder in letting you pass the word onto friends or colleagues and making them aware of the business.

Cotton bags can come with a variety of different designs and logos – it is entirely up to you as the retailer how basically simple or involved you want the bag to be.  Cotton bags can be excellent for children in allowing them to pack their favourite toys, reading or colouring book and take their precious items out and about with them.

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One thing that you should really look at carefully and will help make the decision on the cotton bag you are going to purchase is the type of handle that is used as these normally need to be of a certain strength to backup the items that you will be transporting around in your cotton bag.  Just by testing a few samples you will soon identify that handles are incorporated differently within various cotton bags to allow even weight distribution and help ensure that the bag lasts longer.

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