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Promotional Gift Ideas And How They Can Make You Money

Times are hard at the moment for business, whether you are an established business or just starting out. There have been huge cuts and people are finding the market extremely competitive. That is why it is so important for your business to stand out from the crowd. It is widely believed that if you spend money on marketing during a recession you will come out of it much better than those who don’t. I know how hard it is to find the budget for things but trust me it will be worth they investment.

Promotional Gifts
Promotional gifts are a fanatic way of getting your business out there. Branding yourself and making you recognisable to potential and current clients is a must do in this climate. There are very strict bribery rules now set in place, so gone are the days of taking clients to expensive restaurants. You need to be more savvy and creative with them. Promotional Merchandise is the way forward with this situation. You can give the merchandise to the clients and because it is branded with your business you are staying within their offices or homes a lot longer after you leave the meeting.

How It Works
How it works is very simple, all you need to do is choose your logo and products you would like to brand. There are a number of products you can choose but here are my top ones.

Promotional Mugs are a fanatic gift for a client, office workers love them! There simple, cheap and an effective way to market your company.

Bags are one of the most popular promotional product at the moment. One tip would be to look at the options for branding ‘bags for life’, we all use them for our supermarket shop and people will bite your hand off to get one of these free!

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You can not go wrong with the tried and tested personalised pens. There are also other stationary options available such as rulers, pencils and highlighters are really popular with clients also.

USB Sticks
USB Sticks are one of the newest promotional must haves on the scene. They are really great to give to clients because it saves them so much time and money ordering them in.

How it makes you money
Once you have chosen your product it is time to find the best deal. There is a couple of businesses that deal solely in promotional merchandise and I would approach them. They have experience, their quick and will offer you a competitive price. What you really want to know is how this makes you money? It is simple it a marketing tool that is next to none. Whether you give these to clients you already have or potential ones they work in the same way. You make money by branding your business, people trust you because you appear professional and up to date with the market. This is appealing to people because they want just this for their own business, they want to feel their part of something big and something that is moving forward and growing; this is especially appealing in the current market. By getting your logo in their day to day lives makes you unforgettable to them, you’re on their mug, on their bag. You’re familiar to them, who are they going to trust or call when they want something? Their going to call you! And with this you will be making money!

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