Promotional Logistics For Your Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Promotional Logistics For Your Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

The current recession has borne a record number of entrepreneurs and small home-based businesses that do not have the marketing budget of their larger competitors. However, if their marketing campaigns are memorable, drawing attention to their brand in unexpected ways, a large marketing budget may not be necessary. By using a promotional logistics firm to help put together a guerrilla marketing campaign, they will attract business in a cost-effective way.

Guerrilla marketing in action
This type of marketing can be carried out online or offline, but which is the most effective method depends largely on your target market. By creating a ‘buzz’ in your local town centre by using unconventional marketing methods, word of mouth quickly spreads around the area and your brand is born.

Unusual, but effective marketing methods can include:

  • Chefs cooking food samples for shoppers and passers-by to advertise their restaurant
  • Goodie bags being distributed in a town centre
  • Public relations stunts
  • Giveaways of brochures, flyers or products in a public place

This marketing technique is based on the concept of using inexpensive means to gain long-term custom and profits, rather than actual sales on the day. It uses creativity and imagination to provide a memorable experience for potential customers, with the added benefit of possible word-of-mouth referrals, when people talk about the event with their friends and family.

Beating your competitors
It is possible that this form of marketing will stay in the minds of consumers longer than traditional marketing and advertising methods used by larger companies. This is particularly the case if the target market is local rather than national, and it gives entrepreneurs and small businesses a chance to compete with their larger rivals.

If you are going to use this method of marketing, it is vital that it is done well and reveals the brand image that you are trying to project. Although it is low-cost, some expenditure will be necessary to ensure a memorable experience for the general public. Using the services of a promotional logistics company can offer advantages to a guerrilla marketing campaign in a number of ways:

  • Warehouse space for storage of food products, or goodie bag contents
  • A range of sizes of  vehicle to transport goods
  • Fully-trained staff who are experienced in this type of campaign
  • Flexibility if plans change unexpectedly
  • Industry knowledge about the most effective methods of guerrilla marketing

Hiring an experienced promotional logistics firm who can support the delivery of an unconventional marketing event, will aid the growth and long-term success of your brand.

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