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Psychonauts is a newer release for Mac OS X that focuses on the mind. While other games may only briefly tinker with mental powers, this game creates a world entirely out of the characters mind; this is something distinctive and unique with some exceptions aside. This game slips you into the mind of a few psychopaths, and by the time you wrap up the game, you may even feel sorry for them. The biggest beef with the game is that the graphics are not advanced.


Essentially a platformer, puzzle, and collecting game, Psychonauts takes you around the world and inserts you into various minds. The worlds vary widely; in one you may be in a veteran’s internal replay of the war, but in another, you could be trapped in a milkman’s warped and insane psyche. No matter whose head you end up in, you will not find it boring. To play Psychonauts, you need one of several graphics cards that have at least 128 MB VRAM. You also need Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher and an Intel Core Duo Processor or better. You also need at least 2 GB of RAM and 4 GB or more of free space on your hard drive.


Just as the worlds vary, gameplay does too. One level may have you as a giant stomping about and crushing everything. In another world you may be trying to escape from mind agents. The levels are varied, and each and every new challenge in these worlds feels fresh and unique. This game is big on the collectables; something or other is hidden almost everywhere. There is a lot to collect, and there is a lot to miss too. The game can be extra-long if you are the type that strives to collect everything; some items will require you to get a certain item before you can collected, and this will only encourage you to go back and play completed levels. Collecting will raise your psi rank, and this will let you get new abilities and upgrade existing ones. Every upgrade is useful, so there is an incentive to collecting, even if that normally isn’t your main objective. The main game itself is challenging and entertaining. Defeating bosses takes some thought, and each new level is fresh and interesting.


This game is incredibly unique, quirky, and dark. Very much its own game, there is so much going on in this game, you want to take your time so that you don’t miss a thing. The characters are emotive and fueled by great voice actors. The game is also quite humorous, it should be noted; it is always good to get a few chuckles in during game play. If you enjoy unusual environments, imaginative worlds, collecting, discovery, and action, this game is surely for you. An excellent platformer, it is an outstanding Mac title. Not all gamers may find this game enjoyable, but it is a solid, interesting title that is most definitely worth a try.

Written by Mark, a freelance writer who covers webmaster topics, malware, social media, android apps, and games.