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Public Relations Interview Questions

Public Relations interview questions

What attracted you to this role? You’ve just graduated and you’re looking for an opportunity in PR. In a competitive job market, interviews are hard to win and it’s all the more important you perform at your best under questioning. There are some basic questions you can anticipate being asked at any interview, but wouldn’t you feel better prepared for that all-important PR interview if you could anticipate some of the industry’s more specific questions? We’ve compiled a list of some of the questions you might be asked in an interview for a PR position along with some pointers on how to best answer them.

What do you know about our company?

This is a question to explore if you’re committed to the particular company you’ve applied to or you’re just looking for any PR opportunity. Prepare an answer to this question by researching the company thoroughly. Keep your answer specific to the company rather than just PR positions.

Tell us about what you know about PR and social media

This is a big one. The PR industry has changed massively with the rise of the internet and social media. Prepare for this question by reading up on uses of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, micro blogs and websites to develop an answer that shows you understand the importance of effective use of digital communications in PR.

What makes a good PR campaign?

This is a tough one and probably best answered with a concrete example of a campaign you think works and justification of why you think it works. Research is key here. Read up on your chosen successful campaign and prepare an answer that focuses on strategy and results.

Tell us about yourself

This can seem like a real warmer, but beware. PR roles are all about how we present something and this seemingly easy opener could be a deal breaker. Prepare for this question by thinking about yourself as a company. In a way, this is your first big PR assignment. Get it right.

Name a time you failed and what did you learn from it

None of us like talking about our failures. For this one you have to be honest but still put a positive spin on your answer – more a lesser strength than a weakness. Be careful not to negative about anyone you’ve previously worked with in your answer. Running down an ex boss won’t go down at all well.

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Your questions

You should always prepare some relevant and pertinent questions for the end of your interview when the tables are turned; PR graduate jobs can be won or lost by the questions you ask the interview panel. Here are a few good questions to get you started.

What is the vision of the company and how do you see it developing in the next three years?

Is the company growing?

Who will oversee by personal development with the company?

Are there any changes planned for the company that I would need to know about before accepting a position?

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