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Kids get hurt. That’s just a fact of life. When we’re young, we’re also free and careless, which means that aimlessly running around seems to go hand in hand with bumps, scrapes, cuts, and bruises. Now, whatever happens, kids will be kids, and a bump or scrape now and again isn’t too much to worry about. However, wouldn’t it be great if your kids could have all the fun they wanted and minimise their risk of injury? Well, they can. This is where playground safety tiles enter the scene. Read on for more.

What are playground safety tiles?

Essentially, playground safety tiles are nothing more than big chunks of rubber. Nonetheless, they are slightly more complex than that. If you’ve ever ventured to a local play area and noticed the spongy floor upon entering the play zone, then you’re already well aware of playground safety tiles.

What do they do?

They protect your kids by cushioning falls and absorbing much of the shock from a trip or slip. There is a science to them, however. They are specially tailored to certain forms of play equipment and are constructed in different thicknesses depending on the height, and subsequent fall distance, of the play apparatus. Many of them are also made from specially formulated material that doesn’t get slippery when it’s wet and that adequately drains off water so there’s none sloshing about wildly all over the play area.

Why bother with them?

Because kids fall over all the time, and if that fall is on concrete, then it can spell a lot of crying, or even worse, more serious trouble like a broken bone. Playground safety tiles have been demonstrated time and time again to be effective in cushioning falls and ensuring the safety of children. Kids are much more likely to hurt themselves when they are playing simply due to the running around involved. Therefore, investing in a few safety tiles can be a great idea.

Will the kids like them?

Well, they’ll like them just as much as they like concrete. In fact, they’ll probably like them more considering there are plenty of colours and designs to choose from. Some companies even offer customised designs, so if you’re cherished little cherub loves spiders, dinosaurs, or anything else, then tiles can usually be made to match.

Are they expensive?

Not really, many playground safety tile manufacturers offer their products at reasonable prices and in any case they are affordable. Understandably, you’ll be paying slightly extra for customised designs, but again, the prices are reasonable for what you get.

Where can I get them?

There are many websites throughout cyberspace that specialise in playground safety tiles. However, the link below is to a site that supplies quality tiles at reasonable rates. My tiles came from this supplier and my future ones will be coming from there too.

Stuart Withers is a word wrangling internet author that loves to write, blog, and help out businesses online. He recommends the Smith Brothers for playground safety as they have kept his nephew safe and sound up until now. They also keep him entertained with colourful designs and keep Stuart happy on price. Smiles all round!