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A North Carolina study, the results of which were reported in 2009, found that the incidence of lower-back pain has increased more than twofold since the early ‘90s (from 3.9% of those surveyed to 10.2%). It is believed that this finding is indicative of the country’s backsliding back health as a whole. Chiropractors agree that bad back health and bad posture are linked. Indeed, they can cause a precipitously downward spiral where it is hard to tell which caused which. There is bad walking posture, bad standing posture and bad sitting posture, but it is generally agreed that the biggest danger zone for bad posture is the chair.

In order to relieve back pain, you can do yoga, visit a chiropractor or get massages. These all relieve the pain. But the seat of the pain, its root, is your own seat. Improve your sitting posture and say goodbye to the pain.

There are a variety of office chairs for sale designed to do just that. Finding the chair designed for your situation is just a click away. Our back pain is just as individual as we are. It is imperative that you get a chair that is appropriate for you. The following are some questions to ask when choosing an ergonomic office chair or when considering whether your current office chair is right for you:

  • Can you get up from the chair with ease? If you answered no to this question, you need to adjust or, if you cannot do this to remedy the problem, replace your chair. A chair that you cannot get up from easily is putting excessive pressure on your spine while you sit. Some reasons you may have difficulty getting up from your chair are a seat is not high enough, is not hard enough or is too shallow. Additional possible causes are a seat back that is at an incorrect angle and small or absent armrests.
  • Does the chair give you lumbar support? A chair that does not conform to your lumbar spine, which curves away from the surface of your back, will cause bad posture. The slouch will distort the natural shape of your lumbar spine, putting pressure on it – which will cause lower-back pain. If you suffer from lower-back pain, you are by no means alone. ABC News reports that lower-back pain is the type of chronic pain most often reported to doctors. This negative is also a positive. Because the problem is so prevalent, it has been thoroughly addressed in chair design.

Companies that specialize in ergonomic office chairs, such as, offer posture-improving seats that are as unique as you are. Whatever your needs, they will be met; and you will be able to sit secure.

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