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Raise Your Immunity By Exercising Regularly

There is a high probability that you are helping to raise your immunity, if you exercise on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, research carried out recently has indicated that if you carry out moderate exercise for thirty minutes every day, you can considerably decrease the number of common colds that you have each year. In addition to merely keeping you on top form, exercise can raise your immunity and aid your body ward off harmful ailments. Even though healthcare professionals are still researching the relationship between immune system and exercise, they have learned some basic facts about the beneficial effects of exercise on the immune system.

Working out regularly is beneficial to your body in several ways. When you work out, your heart becomes stronger and its ability to pump blood all through your body is enhanced. Your muscles become tougher and more resilient as you make use of them more frequently. Also, the ability of your lungs to deliver oxygen to cells all through your body is enhanced. Regular exercise also benefits your immune system. Health care professionals have discovered that exercise can raise your immunity by strengthening the cells that fight bacteria in your body. It appears these cells function more slowly in individuals who do work out than in people who exercise their bodies regularly. Therefore, if you work out regularly, the ability of your immune system to fight infections is enhanced. Even though this improvement lasts only for a couple of hours after your work out, it is usually sufficient to keep you in good health.


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Even though it is clearly advantageous to raise your immunity by working out, you should also know that failing to rest your body adequately might actually cause damage to your immune system. Exercising too much can actually decrease your immunity. This is why you may feel completely rundown and tired when you are training for a long distance race like a half or full marathon. Make sure you rest your body adequately between each work out session so as not to damage your immune system.
Aside from exercise, nutrition and diet also play a vital role in boosting your immunity. To achieve optimum nutrition, your diet should include vegetables, low fat dairy foods, fruits, and whole grains. These foods are rich sources of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins that help boost your immunity. Raw foods that are healthy and natural provide the needed anti-oxidants for enhanced immunity.

You don’t really need to be a fantastic athlete in order to raise your immunity by means of exercise. Finding time to visit the gym a couple of times each week or walking for thirty minutes every day is sufficient. You can increase your level of health in no time, by strengthening the cells that fight disease causing organisms in your body. Also, researches have indicated that individuals who work out on a regular basis do not get sick as often as people who do to work out. Do everything you can to include additional exercise into your daily routine so as to raise your immunity over time.

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