Ready For An Upgrade? Tips For Choosing Your New Favorite Hunting Rifle

Most hunters don’t stop with just one rifle. Whether their tools are starting to age or they get more comfortable with their hobbies, almost everyone looks for an upgrade from time to time. If you’re ready to upgrade your hunting rifle, you should absolutely follow the tips below.

The Basics of Hunting Rifles

What constitutes a good hunting rifle is going to vary by shooter. If you’ve already owned a rifle in the past, think about what you already like—the amount of recoil, the action on the gun, even the feel of the weapon in your hands. Some people prefer the upgrade to be more of the same, while others want a gun that’s going to make up for the perceived shortcomings in their current rifles. Make sure you understand what you want before you start shopping.

Think About Where You Are Hunting

Not every hunting rifle is going to be the right fit for every hunting area. The game that you’re hunting is going to be the biggest factor in your gun’s utility, so look for a gun that’s ideal for your chosen range. If you’re going to be shooting up close, big guns with a lot of up-front power are going to be your best friend. Distance shooters, on the other hand, are going to prioritize flat-firing guns that are more accurate at range.

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Look at Legality

Recent years have brought in a slew of regulations in terms of what might be legal in your area. You’re going to have to check out everything from the type and quantity of ammunition used to the action of the gun, so it’s a good idea to check with your state’s department that regulates gun laws. If you’re unable to get a clear answer on a gun’s legality, check with other enthusiasts in your area to see if any new regulations would prevent you from hunting with your gun of choice.

Pay Attention to Construction

There are plenty of good reasons to look at the construction of a rifle before you buy. The individual components are going to play a role in everything from how your rifle looks to how much maintenance you’re going to have to do, so think ahead. Do some research to determine what kind of materials are best for your stock (traditional wood vs. synthetic material) and barrel (stainless steel vs. carbon steel) to figure out which guns have the combination of looks and utility that you need.

There’s no single perfect hunting rifle for every shooter. Look at what’s legal in your state, where you like to shoot, and what you love in your current gun. If you can find something that fits all of your needs, you’ll undoubtedly have a new favorite.


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