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Reasons That Prove The Superiority of Content Marketing over Link Building

When it comes to search engine optimization, different service providers adopt different techniques to achieve the desired goals and objectives. Some webmasters would go for and emphasis on link building, some on social media marketing, while others would pay attention to content marketing.

A web marketing services provider might opt for different SEO tactics. However, the most prevalent tactic now days is the emphasis on link building. However, only experienced webmasters understand that content marketing tactic is far superior to link building. The lines below give a detail of why content marketing is superior to link building.

Social Media Researches:

Social media platforms are used for content marketing. A recent study conducted on the types of website profile on social media platform came up with two major profile types.

  • Strong social media profiles
  • Weak social media profiles.

An analysis of the profiles showed that:

  • The organic traffic for weak social profile website decreased by 19.5 percent
  • The organic traffic from profiles with strong social media appearance exhibited a 42.6percent increase in rankings.

The statistics show that the website that does not show its presence on social media platforms, either for content marketing or for just appearances sake, reduce the chances of prosperity and loose the traffic coming to their website. Therefore, a website does not need to only on backlinks, rather you must adopt content marketing as primary SEO tactic.

Lack of Longevity of Link Building:

The major reason for link building being a short lived tactic is the search engines. Although apparently the search engines are not immediately going to change their strategy, however, the links are a factor dependant on search engine algorithm. The day the search engine decides to not include links as a potential contributor, from that day the link building strategies would start collapsing.

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On the other hand content marketing would continue to go on. The use of it would even more increase with the passage of time and increasing influence of social media. Moreover, content marketing is outside the influence of search engines. Therefore, having a content marketing strategy would last long compared to link building.

Link Building a Product of Content:

Having links is a requirement of search engines, for that purpose the links are build around the content produced. However, the quality of content varies pertaining to the objectives of the business. If the business just wishes to increase the number of links, then it can rely on ordinary content and build links around it. However, such tactic would be short lived, and would have no other benefits other than traffic.

However, the content written for the purpose of providing useful information to the readers has greater probability of being liked by the readers, thus serve as a source of traffic for the business in a long run.

Natural Links:

Google day after day is emphasizing on natural links and natural looking profiles. If the links are only built for search engines then the wont have any natural look to them, thus greater chances that sooner or later Google would penalize them. The smart SEO optimization services provider understands that in order to make the link profile look natural, there is need of content marketing, as it would entail social media platforms which would give a natural look to the profile.

Bottom Line:

The short lived nature of links, their dependence on algorithm, and the inability to look natural, are reasons enough to reject simple link building. Moreover, the same reasons propose and propagate Content marketing for success in long run.


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