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Roaches are hardy little creatures. They can thrive in any climate, and they can survive in just about any type of environment. They also easily reproduce, so if you leave their population alone, you can expect your home to be plagued by these pesky pests in a few months.

Getting rid of adult roaches is easy since you can simply set up cockroach traps, use commercial pesticides, or employ natural ways of eliminating them from your home. However, even if you get rid of the adult roaches, you still have to contend with the eggs that roaches left behind. If adult roaches are very sturdy, their eggs are a whole lot sturdier. Once they hatch, there will be new adult roaches that will be breeding and plaguing your home. For this reason, you have to get rid not only of the adults but their eggs as well.

But why do roaches invade a home? What’s inside your home that attracts these pests?

Your Dirty Home, Their Perfect Haven

A dirty home is the biggest reason why roaches invade a home. Remember, roaches are scavengers. They don’t hunt or prey on little insects, but they scavenge for food, and what better way to provide them easy access to their food source than by having a dirty house.

Homes that are dirty, especially the kitchen and dining areas, are almost always plagued by cockroaches. This is because the homeowners are giving these pests easy access to food. There are leftover food on the kitchen sink and under the table and chairs, and there are papers such as cardboard boxes and paper bags cluttering the basement. Roaches not only feed on leftover food, but they feed also on paper. Because paper can also easily absorb the pheromone that roaches give off, it then attracts other roaches to the location, thus, increasing your home’s roach population.

Your Leaky Faucets and Pipes, Their Perfect Watering Hole

Roaches also need water, so they look for watering holes. If your home has leaky faucets and pipes and if you do not regularly remove the water from your refrigerators’ drip plate, then you are attracting roaches into your home. Your home will also attract roaches if you do not clean the drains, especially the clogged ones.

Your Warm Home, Their Little Heaven

Another reason why roaches invade a home is because they need a warm place to live in, and your home provides them exactly what they need – a warm, little piece of heaven. Although roaches can live just about anywhere and in any type of climate and environment, you will notice that they thrive better in warm and humid atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if you keep your home very clean and sanitized at all times, but as long as there is a warm place that they could live in, they’re going to take advantage of that.

Get Rid of Roaches

You can control roach population through various means. You can purchase commercial insecticides, but it’ll only get rid of adults and not the eggs though. You can make use of natural ways, but it’ll take you too long to totally get rid of them. To completely get rid of them, you need a professional pest control company to do the job for you. Of note though; it’ll take multiple treatments to eliminate and keep roaches off your property.

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Jennifer Daggett writes for Admiral Pest Control in Los Angeles County. She mainly writes about natural ways of getting rid of pests, but for uncontrolled population, then a professional pest control company is your best solution.