Recovering After A Flood

Home flooding is a major problem with older homes and homes that don’t have adequate piping. It can be emotionally devastating, and it can make it difficult to pick up the pieces of your life and move on. Flood insurance can help with some of the physical damage, but the emotional damage runs deep. By following these steps, you can begin recovering from a flood.

Once you have found a place to stay, you should contact your insurance agent. He or she should be able to tell you what items are covered by your policy. After speaking with your agent, you will need to evaluate the damage caused by the flood and take pictures. Make a record of all damaged items such as furniture and electronics. Don’t forget to check the plumbing and heating and cooling systems. The plumbing will likely need to be repaired immediately.

The claim may take some time, but you can go ahead and start cleaning the mess from the flood. You should decide which items to keep and which to items throw away. The bad news is that most of your possessions will probably be ruined. The flood waters probably caused more damage than can be fixed to possessions such as furniture and electronics.

If you are lucky, some of your sentimental items will be able to be saved.
Next, it’s time to start demolishing the parts of the house that have been ruined. The flooring and walls will need to be torn out. Even once they dry, mold and bacteria will have set into them. Once mold sets in, it usually just keeps coming back. It can also cause your family to get sick. If the floors have carpet, pulling the carpet up alone is not enough. The floor itself will need to be replaced.

Once the demolition process is finished and all the damaged items have been disposed of, you will need to clean the remaining areas of the house. Since flood water can be very unsanitary, often containing water from the sewer, the house will need to be cleaned with bleach. Make sure to clean thoroughly throughout the entire house. You don’t want you family to become sick. Make sure to dry and ventilate the area properly.

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Now, you can get ready for the rebuilding stage. You may still be waiting for the insurance settlement at this point, but you can go ahead and start calling contractors and getting estimates. You should probably plan to use better materials when rebuilding your home. If possible, the floors should be built higher off the ground than before. This can help minimize damage if flooding occurs again.

Recovering from a flood is hard work. In addition to the physical damage caused to homes, it can also be emotionally damaging. People often lose most of their belongings and have to struggle in order to put the pieces of their lives back together. The work is quite draining, but it is a necessary part of recovery.

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